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Continuing on with my look at my recently purchased Powerpuff girls themed sets, today I’m looking at set no. 41287 Bubbles Playground Showdown. You can read my previous review here

Released alongside it’s companion set In 2018, this is the smaller of the 2, with a piece count of just 144. It is the same recommended age range of 6-12 and we get the same style artwork for the box. Bold, bright and colourful, just like it’s source material.

There are no stickers in this one thankfully. Just the instructions, 2 small bags of parts and a loose slide piece in blue.

Bag one contains the lone Powerpuff girl for this set, and this time it’s Bubbles, made in the same style as her sisters with her unique head piece and short legs.

Bubbles comes with her printed phone tile piece and 2 of the newer style blast launchers that she can use to attack the bad guys. Also included is Octi, Bubbles beloved stuffed toy is represented here as a tiny 2 piece build and is adorable. A very cute addition to this set.

Bag 1 builds a playground. There is a slide and a working roundabout. The slide piece is wider than usual to allow the larger headed minifigs to fit! The roundabout is almost exactly the same as one I built in a Spongebob Squarepants set so is nothing new, but it works well.

The rest of the pieces in this bag make up a small lunch table, with a milk carton and an attached catapult that launches brick built sandwiches. There’s also an awesome boom box where you can ‘dock’ a phone by attaching it to the front and a small locker stack with a clock on top.

On to bag 2 and the included villain in this set is Princess Morbucks. The money obsessed antagonist comes with her own unique cell phone tile and a villainous looking head sculpt, complete with a crown, she also has a purple skirt piece and overall looks very accurate to her animated self.

The highlight of this set is undoubtedly the Princess’ mech. Built in mainly yellow with purple and white detailing.  It uses technic ball joints for articulation and you can get some great poses out of the finished model.

There is a platform for Princess Morbucks to stand on and a handlebar for controlling the mech. There is a bank note attached to the back and we get stud shooters built into each of the arms. The feet are wide and chunky which enables the mech to stand up really well when posing.

A nice feature is the hands of the mech are detachable, and can also be wielded by the villain herself.

So both of these sets have been a lot of fun. There are some great parts in this one, and the mini sub builds would make this a good starter set for a younger builder.

Even if I hadn’t have grabbed these sets on discount, there is a lot here to recommend, even at full price. For anyone that was a fan of the show these are essential. The minifigs are all really fantastic and  there are great builds here too. The Mech alone, is worth the asking price for this set.

Both of the Powerpuff girls sets are officially retired now and unfortunately all sold out from the official LEGO site at the reduced price, but you can still find them at RRP from other online vendors.

I’ll leave you with a group pic from both of the sets featuring the full crew…

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