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With this whole COVID-19 thing going on currently its been hard sourcing LEGO Polybags, well all LEGO for that matter. Its no longer as easy as popping into an official LEGO Store or a Supermarket.

That being said we’ve found a great source for them (polybags) here in the UK. They are so good Dave featured them on our very first Podcast (episode one).

So for the next few days we’ll being writing and posting a handful of LEGO Polybag reviews, yay!

First up is LEGO Minecraft The Skeleton Defense (30394), and my first foray into the World of Minecraft!



Dylan, my four year old Son, has recently started watching episodes of the TV show on Netflix and really enjoyed it. So naturally when I saw this polybag I knew he’d want to help build it, and he did.

Meet Alex in The Skeleton Defense 30394 polybag.

Alex is the main character in this polybag, she is accompanied by a skeleton. Each Minifigure has a weapon, a bow and arrow and a sword.


Side view

Not knowing to much about Minecraft in general I don’t know the correct terminology or what things are, so please excuse me.

The small build comprises of a handful of pieces, 22 to be exact, and once constructed makes the Skeleton Defense base.

Main build

One of the blocks is where the projectile springs from. Just give the end a flick and out it shoots, knocking over the Skeleton!

With all LEGO Polybags they are always on small side, that’s not a problem at all, it’s actually what makes them so appealing!

From the small selection of bits you get a great understanding and sample of what the bigger sets are like.

You sometimes get really special elements, from a new coloured piece to a new mould, all in an affordable little bag.


Great polybag and great build, me and my Son enjoyed building it together and knocking over the Skeleton!

The bits and pieces are varied from plates to yellow twigs. As an AFOL I always look for the unique and hard to find elements, and this polybag has a couple of those, one being the yellow twig/plant pieces, they are a really nice shade of mustard yellow and will sit nicely in a future MOC.


The Minifigures are OK, I don’t see myself rushing out and collecting any others to be totally honest. I think it’s their cubed heads, just doesn’t appeal to me – then again nor does the actual game.

Do. You have this polybag, did you enjoy making it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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