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I think it’s safe to call the third week in every month ‘Magazine Review Week’ as a plethora of reading material has been released. We’ve already seen and reviewed the LEGO Jurassic World Magazine, and next we’ll focus on the brand new LEGO Explorer one.

Up first though is the second issue of the LEGO Marvel Avengers Magazine!

Front cover

The thing with LEGO Magazines, over the Years, they have become quite stale in terms of the free gift. We often see the same Minifigure or Build rehashed over and over again. Sometimes that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as some are done really well. It just feels as though they’ve fallen into a rutt and can’t get out. That’s why this new Marvel Avengers Magazine is great, it brings back the joy of collecting again, we have something new to look forward too that we haven’t seen before!

We touch on the above topic in an earlier episode of our Podcast, check it out:

Starting off with the Magazine itself, it’s somewhat better and more captivating than others (City, Friends etc) but that may be down to me having a greater interest in Marvel. The Comic story centres around Iron Man, specifically the one we get as the freebie. The story is based on imminent Chitauri attack which the Avengers are tasked to stop it. The team needs to split up and deal with their part of the mission. Iron Man heads to Wakanda as he needs Vibranium to finish his World saving Rocket.

I won’t spoil the story as it genuinely is a good read!

Comic stories

Of course it wouldn’t be a LEGO Magazine if it didn’t have puzzles, a maze, spot the difference, and something to cut-out on the back page. This is when I hand it over to my Son, he loves to complete most, if not all, the activities inside.

Avengers Tower Maze

The posters are a great feature in all LEGO Magazines, especially in these Marvel ones, being a big Marvel fan myself I carefully pullout the double-sided poster, have a look, then pop it into a folder for safe keeping usually for when I get around to setting up my LEGO room!

Cpt America

Captain America is one side and the Avengers on the other. Its great to get a team poster, with Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and of course Iron Man.

The Avengers

Now into the main event, the freebie, the Minifigure, the one, the only…. Iron Man!

Let me out!

It’s so good to get a new Minifigure of such an iconic character, and at an affordable price too.

Coming in at £3.99 this Magazine and freebie is top-notch and well worth your hard earned pennies.

Now, I mentioned I was a big Marvel, and I’m about to undo that and say I have no idea what suit Mk this is, I know I know I should ashamed with myself, and I am. On the other hand the Magazine doesn’t mention it anywhere and I didn’t want to post false information. If you happen to know which Mk it is please do let me know, I would greatly appreciate it!

I am Iron Man

Nevertheless Tony Stark looks glorious in this Armour and new style of enclosed helmet.

He has the standard and alternative faces as previous Iron Man Minifigures, so nothing new there.

Alternate faces

LEGO’s design and printing is on point as always and with the added shiny spots on his armour & helmet it makes for a great Minifigure.

The only gripe I have is the arms are plain, if they wanted to make this a 5 star Minifigure then arm printing would of pushed in over the edge. We’ve seen arming printing before but it’s rare, I don’t understand why as it finishes off the Minifigure nicely. Perhaps I’m asking too much of a Magazine freebie, who knows.

Do you collect these LEGO Magazines or any of the others? Let us know in the comments below. Why not give it a quick rating using our LEGO head icons!


LEGO Marvel Avengers Magazine Issue 2


Overall a LEGO Magazine worthy of your hard earned pennies. The freebie Minifigure, Iron Man, is an amazing addition to anyone's collection and a cheap way to grab one of the Avengers! The Magazine is standard, with puzzles, a maze, and comic stories. I particularly like these new Marvel issues as I'm a big fan and love to read about new adventures and expand the MCU.


Magazine 6.5
Freebie (Minifigure) 9.5
Price (£3.99) 10
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