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Castle fans continue to be spoiled with sets like the Lion Knights Castle from 2022, the various Castle sets within the Bricklink Designer Program and most recently and today’s review Medieval Town Square (10332)!

The set is a reimagined version of the classic Medieval Market from 2009. The name of the village is Felsa and it encapsulates everything you’d expect from a medieval town, including a tavern, a watch tower and workshops. The set itself is divided into two buildings, the first one has three sections and combines a Stone Mason, Cheese Maker and a Weavers workshop. The second is a tavern with a watch tower attached to it. There are a few side builds such as a tree and market stall that help to bring the set alive. The tree has a few messages nailed to it to warn us of the crook and advertising a goat for sale.

It comes with separate instructions for the two groups of buildings so it’s a great set to build with family and friends.


I enjoyed the build but there is a lot of repetition as the buildings have similar building techniques for the roofs and walls. The buildings are all built on green plates with cobbled entrances and thatched roofs. With the workshop there some side builds to help fill it and without them it does look a bit bare in places.

The buildings can be displayed in a couple of different ways, as two separate buildings or folded out to make them feel more like a village. My main problem is that they all look a bit squashed together particularly the workshop where things look a bit tight. I think one of the sections needed to be dropped or a third building added perhaps.

The workshop is divided up into three sections with a cheese shop, woodworking shop and weaving workshop. The cheese shop uses various coloured wedges to good affect to show different cheese varieties. The Weaver has a tapestry that has a great nod to the original Castle set but unfortunately this is a sticker. There’s a little play function that enables you to hoist up a wheel and open the trap door. The three buildings are connected by well hidden hinges that enable you to open the building out.

The second building is the tavern, shield painter workshop and the guard tower. These all combine really well together. There is also a small bedroom where the Tax Collector resides. Although the scale is off with the stairs to the watch tower as they are too narrow compared to the size of a minifigure

There are a few stickers but if you compare the number of stickers to pieces it doesn’t feel too bad, particularly if you compare that to a speed champions sets.

Minifigures and animals

There are 8 Minifigures that help to populate the village of Felsa, with a crook, carpenter, tax collector, tapestry weaver, shieldsmith and tower guard. Personally much like the Viking Village, I think the set could do with a few more Minifigures to help bring the set to life.

We also get a couple of animals, including the star of the show the goat. After getting a goat in the recent CMF series, we get another one in this set which is a grey colour, also included are a red squirrel and kitten.

The best minifigure in my opinion is the tax collector with exclusive torso and leg printing. I love the details on him and his black cape really makes him stand out. There are a couple of torsos reused from the Lion Knights Castle which is the Tower Guard and the Painter.


The price is £199.99 which feels about the right price when you look at other sets around this mark and the piece count for those sets.


I like how they each have their own style and design to make them stand out from each other. My favourite is the tavern, I like the colours and features within the building. There’s a cute little cherry tree with a bird nesting in it. The set goes perfectly with the Lion Knights Castle if you wanted to create a Medieval Town and that’s something I will be looking to do.


I enjoyed this set but just didn’t feel it was amazing and there are better sets that have just come out. Given the volume of excellent sets that have come or have been announced/rumoured I can see a lot of people passing on this set.


  • Minifigures and animals – 8
  • Price – 8
  • Build – 7
  • Display – 8
  • Total – 8

LEGO Icons Medieval Town Square (10332)



Minifigures & Animals 8
Build 7
Display 8
Price 8

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