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It has fast become a tradition in The Brick Post household to get and build the latest LEGO Winter Village Collection set each year. When we saw the official images of Alpine Lodge (10325) we were instantly impressed by its style and overall look.

Being slightly too far from a LEGO Store I decided to order online. We also received a couple of GWPs (gift with purchase), the Winter Fun Add-on Pack and Maze sets.

The opened back aspect usually deters me from buying sets like this but I have come to like them over the years and think they look just as good as fully closed buildings. But as a whole these types of sets look awesome on display, chuck in the Minifigures and you have an awesome display piece, prefect for Winter scenes.

The Box & Contents:

The box follows suit from recent years with the Icons (Adult) branding. Solid black background and the set front and centre, showing off what the set has to offer without all the unnecessary faff around it. On the back you’ll see what play features are incorporated in the build, including the light brick.

The instruction manuals have the ‘no frills‘ look about them, which I honestly don’t mind, as you read & follow them and never use/see them again. I do like the option to have a friend or family member join you and help build though, brings people together.

Inside the box you’ll also find 10 numbered bags, which doesn’t seem a lot at first glance for a £89.99 set. Comprising of 1,517 pieces, some of which are the 1×1 and 1×4 log style elements that give its the log cabin look. There is also a small sticker sheet included, with 4 stickers in total.

The Build:

As usual the first couple of bags are the side builds, this is the same here with this set. Starting off with the Ski-doo and Ice Rink. Both are great little builds that add a more to the overall build that you think, without them it’s just half an Alpine Lodge, with them it’s a holiday resort, a home or a place to visit and do wintery activities.

As you can tell I’m a fan of side builds, they are fun and unique little builds, especially the Ice Rink, it reminds of me the LEGO Lunar New Year Ice Festival (80109) set, but much smaller of course.

Moving onto the Alpine Lodge itself now and you start off by making the foundations, a series of white plates and some simple but effective layering. A lot is done in the first few bags, including the ground floor wall, window shutters, lanterns and outside tools. I particularly like the addition of the snow piles, really giving it that swept and trodden-in vibe.

Bags 3 and 4 sees the first of the interior items being added, including a coffee/snack area, guest book, seating area and fireplace, which will eventually light up with the aid of a light brick.

You don’t see the Log effect until bag 6, but let me assure you, it’s worth the wait. Having seen this both as images and in-store (before purchasing it), it looks even better right in front of you and after you’ve gone through the process and built it for yourself. The way LEGO have designed it and broken it all down into steps you really see the genius behind it. It’s also created in such a simple way too, until you get to the inner corner part, which involves a few more parts to achieve the effect.

The balcony is also another attractive feature of the Alpine Lodge. Not only does it look great, it’s also a place for guests to walk out into and take-in the wonderful Mountainous view. I love looking at these types of sets from the perspective of a Minifigure, opening it up to even more possibilities. After all, it’s the Minifigures that get to stay there, not us.

It’s visited by a grey squirrel, that frequently sits on the railing and greets the guests. This piece is great as it is only seen it two other sets, which are quite highly priced.

Inside the room you’ll find two beds, each with their own little bedside tables and draws. The curtains have a festive feel about them with the green studs and curved tiles. There also a gift on the side near the door, i wonder who that is for?

Heading up to the roof now and the architecture changes yet again to rafters, or beams. It finishes the building off nicely and even though it’s rather simple, it works well. Pop on the snowy roof itself and you have a fully fledged Alpine Lodge. I particularly like the layered plates that make up the snow drifts, the angled plates are especially great. 

Inside the top floor, or attic space, it’s yet another bedroom, complete with candle and Christmas decorations,theres even a gift all neatly wrapped by the side of the bed. This space feels very cramped, a bit like the attic room seen in the original Home Alone movie.

As mentioned above, it wouldn’t be a full set if there weren’t Minifigures, so here they are.

The Minifigures:

There are 5 Minifigures inckdued in the set and they each look great and come dressed for the right occasion. With their wintery but warm clothing, including festive jumpers, ski jacket and work wear.

Up first is the small child and their pet Cat. Wrapped up all snugg in their scarf, this character is ready for the day, which looks like Ice Skating and other fun games. The hair piece is great and is relatively new, the 90s ‘curtains’ style reminds me of my childhood as I used to sport that hairstyle!

I also really like the torso, infact every jumper print is great and one I always look forst to using again in other MOCs and Scenes. I’ll definitely be nabbing this one for our annual #FestiveSigfigScene.

Up next are two slightly older characters, which are either grandparents or the guest house owners. To be honest they can be whatever you want them to be, it’s LEGO after all, but for the sake of making sense and writing this review well go for both.

The female character is again wearing a cozy jumper, or more precisely a cardigan. The grey hair is a node piece to have and looks great as part of the overall Minifigure.

The older male is in his workshop gear, complete with flatcap and apron. I like this combination of parts as they make for unique and fun characters. We’ve seen these collection of pieces before in other sets but also via the BaM (Build-a-Minifigure) stations in last 2022.

Last but not least, a younger couple, let’s assume they are the child’s Parents. The female looks as though she is a business woman and carries a briefcase around with her incase of a work emergency arises. Her tanktop looks great and has been a staple element for many sets. The hair piece is nice too, giving the character a smart and respectable appearance.

The male character is ready to hit the slopes, or not by the look on his face. Im loving the ski jacket and trouser combo, very apt for the set and surroundings, perhaps there should have been an extra small Ski slope side build too.

Overall the set is great and slots into the LEGO Winter Village Collection nicely. Each year LEGO release a new addition to the theme with each being different to the last, last year was Main Street, the year before that was Santa’s Visit, each one covering a different part of the holiday season and interpreting the occasion differently.

I like this set as it introduces a nice way to build, or more press a different architectural style. The log cabin effect is amazing and works so well, especially the corners where the logs overlap and jutt out. Perfection!

The interior is also nice and homely, although a little sparce. It makes for a handful of good photos and scenes. Each bed is basic but still look the part, for a loggstyle cabin it’s fine and does suit the surroundings.

Each of the Minifigures are great and bring their own uniqueness to the set, allowing for better play options and story creation. My favourite has to be the Skier, his face says it all!

Thank you for reading this review, we really appreciate your time and support. Please feel free to share and bookmark us for all your future LEGO news and reviews.

Until next time, keep on bricking!


LEGO Icons Alpine Lodge (10325)



The Box 9.3
The Build 9.5
The Minifigures 9.2
The Cost (£89.99) 9.2

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