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The LEGO Hidden Side Drag Racer (40408) was a gift with purchase in January/February 2020. In order to qualify the minimum spend was £45.

At first glance this freebie seems like a small set, but as freebies go it’s a cracker!

Box front

Box back

Box side

The set contains 134 pieces and comes divided into two bags, with a loose 2×16 grey plate. Thankfully no stickers to be seen here, which goes against the grain a little with LEGO’s current releases.

Instruction booklet

The main build:

The Drag Racer itself is very  straightforward and simple, no real tricky construction techniques here.

The main body has that distinct Dragster shape, with the front sloping bonnet and smaller wheels at the front and, only slightly, bigger wheels at the back. The whole thing is based on a single 2×16 grey plate, making it very sturdy.

Drag Racer

Positioned at the rear is a Canon, which launches Dwayne into the air. This particularly looks out of place and bulky. Perhaps a smaller jet engine would of suited it better.

Launching Dwayne

The engine features four exhausts each with a flame shooting out of it. The exhausts work really well and fit into the whole Racer feel of the set.

Three main head lights are situated midway and again look out of place. Not because they don’t suit, but because there are three of them. Perhaps, upon closer inspection, they are part of the overall engine design and are meant to represent valves? Either way, they don’t 100% work, for me.


The Hidden Side aspect of this Drag Racer comes into play when you fold the two side sections back to reveal a couple of spooky, fluorescent yellow Eyes.

The Hidden Side

Nothing else flicks or opens up in this set to reveal anymore hidden features.

With just enough room to seat a single driver, it’s kind of perfect Minifigure scale, which is what is intended.


The Minifigures:

Jack Davids and Dwayne the Biker

Starting off with the main Minifigure Jack Davids.

Dressed in his alternate White hoodie combo, complete with his Ghost catching smartphone. Jack features two faces, one being his usual cocky smirk and the other a more scared/shocked expression.

The printing on Jack is minimal but well done. And his dual-moulded hoodie and cap piece never gets old.

Alternate faces

Dwayne is also the same as his past appearances, with his classic biker outfit, menacing Hares of Havoc biker club jacket. The printing on Dwayne is especially good. He however doesn’t come with a normal head, and no alternate face.

Jack and Dwayne


This set is great, it has its down points sure but it is a decent set. It’s surprising LEGO let this one go as a gift with purchase instead of issuing it as a standalone set on the shelves!

The two Minifigures are excellent, but we’ve seen them before. Something/one different would of been nicer.

If you missed out on this set, then the secondary market is your friend. Using a popular auction site wisely will land you this for a very decent price indeed!

We’ll worth it!

Do you own this set? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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