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Continuing our run of polybag reviews today we have the new LEGO Harry Potter and Hedwig Owl Delivery 30420 set.


It was released this year (2020) and comes with a new Hedwig mould. We’re pretty accustomed to how Owls look in LEGO Harry Potter sets, but we now get a new one to collect. Hedwig now has open wings, like he is in flight.


This set is based on the iconic scene where Hedwig is delivering Harry’s new broomstick in the main hall.

Main table build

The main build is a section of the long dining table where Harry and other classmates meet. On the table we can find plates, cakes, and drinks.

Full polybag contents

I like the way the table is built, it is perfect Minifigure scale. It’s a shame LEGO didn’t include the new movable child legs that we’ve seen lately. Instead we’re left with the older static ones which, in my opinion, are horrible and don’t serve any purpose.

Harry Potter

The instructions are very straightforward and don’t have many steps. Half of the page is taken up with how to build the Harry Potter Minifigure!

Harry Potter Minifigure

The Minifigure itself is another generic Harry Potter figure really, with static black legs, school jumper, and wand. Like I mentions above it would of made sense to go with the smaller posable legs, but hey ho.

He does have an alternate face though which is always nice to get. The other expression is that of shock or scared. I do like it when LEGO supply us with that much alternative,it makes playing/photographing that much better!

Alternate face

Overall a great LEGO Polybag, and costing only £5 you can’t go wrong.

If you would like to purchase this yourself here is my goto website for all things polybag:


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