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Hi everyone, thebrickbheanie here with another review. The LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Hamster Wheel (31155) set retails for £24.99 and has 416 pieces in total. 

If you are an animal lover or have pets you will definitely love this set – you can build the hamster version with spinning wheel and slide for the hamsters to play on. The dog version that can zoom down on the ramp or the cat version with moving tail and ears, each variation is lovely but i went for building the hamster wheel version.

The set is colourful and the build is fun. It includes 2 hamsters, a playarea for them which is a house with a bell and wheel to run, it also has a water dispenser and food bowl for the hamsters of course. The construction of the wheel was a bit confusing but I managed to get the hang of it and it is definitely a great set for 8+.

Overall it is a great little set for the price and pieces, it has lots of playability and looks great alongside any LEGO collection.

Until next time – thebrickbheanie


LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Hamster Wheel (31155)



Build 8
Playability 5
Cost (£24.99) 8

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Hi! Thebrickbheanie here.

I am an AFOL that builds LEGO Sets and MOCs. I have built and collected LEGO since 2021 and mostly do LEGO CITY sets.

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