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LEGO released the first wave of Harry Potter sets back in 2001, almost 20 Years ago!

I’ll admit I’m a huge fan of the franchise, but some of these sets are very interesting and have some rather cool Minifigures.

Today I’ll be reviewing a 2019 set, Expecto Patronum 75945, which I’ve actually wanted since I first saw it on shelves, and again to be completely honest the price tag put me off, more on that later in the post.

Front cover

Back cover

The main build:

The main build focuses on the forest and shore line of the pond/lake in which this set is inspired.

Taken from the scene in which Serius Black is injured and being surrounded by Dementors. Harry Potter rescues his Uncle and keeps the Dementors at bay, before something spectacular happens!

The main pieces of this set are two spindly trees and a small shore line.

Main build

There is just enough room for a Minifigure to lay on the shore and one to stand next to it. Would of been nice to of extended the shore line just a little bit to add more room and playability.

Build with Minifigures

The trees themselves are built in a very interesting and unusual way. Using a ‘sideways’ building technique the trees look somewhat flat, but this adds to the spindly/bare look in which they’re intended. I personally like this style of tree and will most definitely use the technique in my MOCs.


A total of four Minifigures are included in this set; Harry Potter, Serius Black, and two Dementors.

The Harry Potter Minifigure what you’d expect by now, as there have been so many. This one features Harry in a dark blue jacket with light blue t-shirt. His legs are the newer, shorter, positional ones, presented in a tan colour.

Harry Potter and Serius Black Mini

Serius Black is one of the reasons you’d want to grab this set. He’s dressed in convict attire, long grey coat and striped shirt, both filled with rips and tears.

The print is exceptionally good on this Minifigure as it continues, not only onto the legs, but also the mid (belt) section!

Both of these Minifigures have alternate faces.

Alternate face prints

Onto the Dementors now, and what a frightening duo!

They are identical in every way, as you’d expect. The black and clear marbled leg pieces are really smart. The torsos are particularly grusome, with rib cages and dangly bits showing. There isn’t much going on with the head print, just an open mouth with a few teeth showing. The capes feature holes and torn edges.

Put that all together and you have a true representation of a Dementor, in LEGO form.

Dementor Minifigures


This next piece is a must have for any LEGO Harry Potter fan – a glittery trans-blue Stag Patronus!

When LEGO first announced this set, the last thing you’d expect is a full scale Patronus, but LEGO have really pulled this out the bag, what a great piece to include. This new mould features a hard plastic body and softer, rubbery antlers.

Two additional pieces finish this off, a 1×2 trans blue plate and a 1×2 glittery trans blue brick. These fill in the gap where a Minifigure can stand.

Stag Patronus

Final thoughts:

An overall great set, as you get four Minifigures, a very unique Stag piece, and a bunch of greenery and tree elements!

The price tag could be a little lower, £19.99 (RRP) does seem rather high for what feels like a slightly glorified Battle Pack.




Do you own or want this set? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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