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LEGO Batman has been around for as long as I can remember, it has some great sets including many Batmobils and other Bat vehicles for. Today’s review is fresh off the shelf from the 1st August releases, it’s one of the only sets I really wanted from the almost 100 sets that dropped.

So let’s get into it and see what this 357 piece set is all about.

The Box & Contents:

The box itself looks great and filled with action, the Batwing is swooping down to try and hit the Joker. On the front you’ll find the usual information including the set name and number along with the two Minifigures found inside.

On the reverse you’ll see an epic shot of the Batwing compassing the Moon, just like on the larger versions box. Also crammed onto the small box are the very few play features, which include the two mounted stud shooter guns and the opening canopy.

Inside the box you’ll find 4 numbered bags and small sticker sheet and of course the instructions. Nothing special to mention here, just the usual LEGO box contents. The build, as always, is where the fun begins!

The Build:

Starting off with bag 1, the vehicles base is made. Building up the structure with plates and tiles to make it sturdy, also added here are a couple of control panels and a dash board, these are stickers.

Bags 2 and 3 are essentially the same, making the wing sections. Both build sequences are the same just mirrored so you get a feel from the first wing where the parts go and in what order.

The way the Designers have created the curves is great and only by using curved plates and tiles, no SNOT (studs not on top) here. This allows the whole thing to be slightly thinner and not feel chunky at all, which is great for both playing with and displaying.

The final bag obviously finishes it off by adding the bulk of the body along with the canopy and weapons. Again the shape is aesthetically pleasing and you can instantly see what vehicle it is, the Batwing is such an underrated yet iconic vehicle in the World of Batman.

The section just behind the canopy is done in an interesting way, using the relatively new part called Plate with Vertical tile. This allows the use of a sloped plate to be attached to both sides of that part, you can see it in the photo below to create the ‘ears‘ of the Batwing.

Other nice touches are the tiles & plates that finish off the surface area, I like when LEGO take the time to do this as it polishes the set of nicely.

The underside of the Batwing hasn’t been forgotten either and has been made stronger by adding additional plates and inverted circular tiles. From the photo below  you can see thilese parts and more in action, holding together and reenforcing the whole vehicle. With lots of open stud sockets you’ll easily find a way to fashion a hanging mechanism and display it on your fall.

The back of the Batwing looks smart too with risk many pointy bits and angles. Again I love the way it looks, capturing the shape of a Bat and it’s wings spread. You need to build this set yourself to really appreciate what goes into it, from the base and body to the curves of the wings, it’s truly a great little build!

The Minifigures:

There are two Minifigures included in the small set, Batman and the Joker.

Starting with Batman, as one should, the first thing that stands out is the Cowl, his helmet. This new element is dual-moulded and comes with the white eyes already inside. The is a very cool addition and one of the cheaper ways to get it and this new Minifigure too. The Cowl is found in multiple newer sets, whilst the Minifigure as a while is only in this and one other set.

The Joker is a total exclusive to this set and can’t be found anywhere else.

Being based on the 1989 Batman movie, it’s safe to say that this Joker Minifigure is inspired by Jack Nicholson. Sporting his iconic purple suit and trilby, fans can instantly tell who this Minifigure is and based upon.

Overall the LEGO Batwing: Batman Vs The Joker (76265) set is a great little build and a wonderful way to get younger LEGO fans into the hobby whilst pleasing the older fans at the same time.

We’ve had many smaller Batwings over the years but this one seems just that little more sophisticated and targeted, as mentioned above, for new and experienced fans, especially ones that remember the 1989 Batman movie. I’m looking most forward to displaying this on my wall!

Thank you for reading our review, please leave any comments or questions you have below in the commebrs section. What would you like to see us build next? Let us know!


LEGO Batwing Batman Vs The Joker (76265)



The Box 9.3
The Build 9
The Minifigures 9.6
The Cost (£31.99) 9.1
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