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We’re back with another LEGO Animal Crossing review, thanks to my Wife for allowing me to take photos of her Mother’s Day gift!

Today we have a more substantial set to review, the last one, LEGO Animal Crossing Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities (77047), was great but a little in the small side. Isabelle’s House Visit (77049) comprises of building as well as some sections of landscape and furniture, making for a better finished product.

Read more about what’s included, the build process and what we ultimately think of the set below.

The Box & Contents:

I love the art work on these LEGO Animal Crossing sets, it’s so bright and colourful, with a yellow band down the right hand side and the build itself front and centre on top of an in-game Animal Crossing landscape. Spin the box around and you have a selection of shots that show off the play features, details and more. 

Inside the box you’ll find a separate plate, instruction manual and surprisingly 6 numbered bags. Most bags only hold a small handful of pieces, I’m guessing LEGO wanted to space out and separate the build into more manageable sections rather than the house in one and the outside area in another. This is fine but it means more plastic bags were used which we all know isn’t great, where’s the paper bags?!

The Build:

Bag 1 is purely for two small side builds, a tiny vegetable garden and a simple yet awesome looking little workbench. This is where, in-game, you customise household items when building your dream house. It’s a lot smaller than it’s game counterpart but I must admit it works and looks cute at the same time. It even has a printed 1×2 tile of an Acorn along with some tools and slingshot.

The next few bags build Isabelle’s house, which again is quite simple is construction but looks great. Using mostly white bricks and parts for the walls and nougat colours one for the accents. It sits proudly on green plates first seen in the LEGO Super Mario sets.

As you build up the house you add a door and 2 windows, these can be switched to change the colour, just like in the set we reviewed, LEGO Animal Crossing Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities (77047). For review purposes I stuck both colours in to show you how they looked, see the photo below.

Adding more to the house, including the slopes for the roof panel to sit on and a basic chimney the house is starting to look homely. As the build continues you add a long & thin roof plate that is covered in 1×2 half-circle and tiles, making for a smart looking exterior. More accent nougat colours are added which resemble joists, I really like this style and how simple it is, it just works!

Inside the house we’ve already added some furniture, a cozy looking bed, bedside table, table and stills and more. It definitely looks like a home now fit for an Animal Crossing character. Again they’re simple builds but the design is great, it always impresses me how many beds the LEGO Design Team can come up with.

More outside sections have been added too with a nice look Apple tree, some flowers and a floating gift. Players in-game can shoot these down to get a surprise, it’s good to see it included here in a LEGO set. The finished house does look great and for a set that costs £34.99 it’s not bad value. There is a lot going for it as it’s the cheapest set where a house build is included, most likely making it a go-to set for fans, that and the 2 Minifigure characters bundled inside.

The Minifigures:

Included in the set are 2 cute looking Animal Crossing characters, Isabelle and Fauna. Both have great designs and printed elements, and look just like their on-screen counterparts.

Starting with Isabelle, she sports a green chequered cardigan with a little red bow on the shirt underneath. A small dark blue skirt is included along with short posable legs in the lemon yellow colour, I like the fact that all the Minifigure characters have these short posab legs, great for MOC builds and Minifigure enthusiasts.

Fauna also has a great combination of parts including a printed torso. She comes with a party hat accessory, I think this is because all the sets are telling a story and holding a surprise birthday party for Julien in a different set.

Both have new and unique moulded heads that look just the ones in-game, LEGO have certainly gone all out with this line of sets and rightly so, it’s has a massive fan base and getting it right was key to it’s success which it’s safe to say has done well with most sets here in the UK sold out!

Overall the sets are cute, bright and fun, bringing the world of Animal Crossing to life in LEGO form. Being the cheapest set in the the that comes either a house build, it has proved popular and perhaps the way to go in wave 2 (if there will be one). As value for money goes I think it’s just about right, the cost to part ratio is decent enough and having 2 Minifigures is great, bumping up the character list is always a good thing.

Do you have this set? What do you think of it? Let us know your thoughts below via the comments below.

Thank you for reading this review, we really appreciate your time and support. Be sure to bookmark and follow us on social media for more LEGO related news and reviews.


LEGO Animal Crossing Isabelle's House Visit (77049)



The Box 8.9
The Build 9.2
The Minifigures 9.5
The Cost (£34.99) 8.5

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