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Animal Crossing was first released back in 2001 for the Nintendo 64, since then it has become a hugely popular game that millions of fans play around the World on a daily basis. It was only a matter of time for LEGO to produce brick sets based on the cute animal characters and bright landscape.

As soon as Mrs Brick Post (my wife) saw these sets she knew she had to have them all, so to kick off her collection we decided to pickup two and give them a go, it’s safe to safe she enjoyed building them both and has allowed me to write this review for LEGO Animal Crossing Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities (77047). So grab a coffee/tea, sit back, relax and enjoy, as I go through the build process and give my verdict. 

The Box & Contents:

The first thing that grabs you is the brightly coloured artwork on the box, with a yellow band running down the right hand side. The set is presented front & centre on top of a scene taken straight out of the Animal Crossing game, the mix of game graphics and LEGO works really well and ties everything together nicely.

On the reverse are more shots of the set and Minifigure, setup in different ways and showing off the brick-built landscape. Inside the box you’ll find the usual things such as an instruction manual and bags, which happen to be paper, they even had smaller paper bags inside!

The Build:

Looking at the box I got the sense that the build experience would be similar to the LEGO Super Mario sets, I wasn’t wrong. You set out putting together small platforms each with different builds on them, one has a couple of trees, another a bright yellow tent and so on, until you’ve pieced together all the separate areas to form in larger one. Being made up of individual platforms means you can rearrange them in almost any way you wished, there is one restriction and that’s the water sections, being slightly smaller than the others it doesn’t quite fit in some scenarios.

Slotting each panel together is simple enough and again takes inspiration from LEGO Super Mario. Using a 2×4 plate you attach them but leaving half of it stuck out and letting thgood old clutch power do the work, lifting the whole thing once built is troublesome but being LEGO it’s easily rectified, just build it and join them again.

Each build is simple enough to make, the trees comprise of a few parts, the tent is basic two large tiles fixed to clip/hinge pieces and the waterfall is a series of blue bricks stacked on top of each other. There’s nothing taxing about the build process at all, so suits the 6+ age rating well.

Popping the sections though does make the overall set look great, arranging them in a way that you like may be the toughest part of the whole build, although you can change it about however and whenever you wanted.

The Minifigure:

Not being too clued-up on the many characters of Animal Crossing, I had to rely on my Wife’s expertise on the subject. Bunnie is a cute and friendly character within the game and LEGO have done a good job in recreating her. From a Minifigure standpoint the head is a unique mould, the printing on the torso is clear and the small posable red legs are a nice addition to the parts pot. 

The head itself is a stunning feat of LEGO-ness, the shape, the mould, the design and how do they get the print onto it and in all the right places?! It’s clever stuff that’s for sure.

Overall the set is good, if you like the modular aspect of LEGO building. I would highly recommend this set and the entire theme to fan’s of the game, regardless if you like LEGO or not, having a physical representation of a game you enjoy is priceless and having it on display whilst playing the game is such a cool concept, I wish LEGO produced more gaming sets!

Thank you for reading this review, we really appreciate your time and support. Keep your eyes on The Brick Post for our next LEGO Animal Crossing set review coming soon.


LEGO Animal Crossing Bunnie's Outdoor Activities (77047)



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