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I’m Mark, from Brick Beat, I share my adventures in the World of LEGO via Instagram, building new sets, live streaming, and posting photographs of my very own collection. I’ve recently got into collecting custom printed Minifigures, from, it allows you to grab your favourite TV & Movie characters and Music Artists that aren’t produced by LEGO.

There is something for everyone at, from Stranger Things, Doctor Who, Robocop to The Beatles, Queen, Ed Sheeran and so many more, it’s worth heading over to their website and browsing their entire collection yourself. The links dotted throughout this article grants you 10% off your first and every order you make.

The figures produced by are stunning and are done to a high standard. They’re always printed directly onto genuine LEGO parts and come packaged in their own little boxes.

Jack Torrance:

Today I have the main character Jack Torrance from the classic 1980 horror film, The Shining!

The design team at have done an amazing job in capturing the look of Jack and the feel of the character, from his hair and creepy grin he poses to the clothes he wears in the film.
The figures they produce are clearly printed which always surprises me for something so small to include so much detail… and they even included an Axe which I thought was a great touch!

My Dad is a big Stephen King fan, who is the writer of the novel in which the film was based on and when I was growing up I remember watching this one many times.

Anyone who has seen this film will remember the classic scene where Jack Torrance is trawling the Hotel corridor with an axe ready to break down a door, resulting in saying his iconic quote, “Here’s Johnny!


I wanted to recreate a little build of that classic scene to show off this awesome minifigure.

As always from, each custom figure comes safely packaged in their own little box, complete with their accompanying accessory. You’ll soon have a nice collection of these boxes, along with the figures of course, sat proudly on display for all to see.

Why not add ‘The Glaring‘ poster tile to your order too, it’s the perfect companion piece to the above Minifigure and works so well in MOCs and Scenes!

Thank you for reading my review of the custom LEGODoor SmasherJack Torrance minifigure from If you would like to own this minifigure yourself, or any from the vast catalogue please use this link as a 10% discount will be automatically added during checkout, get in!

Door Smasher and The Twins – Custom Design Minifigure

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I’m Mark (Brick Beat), I share my adventures in the World of LEGO via Instagram, building new sets, live streaming, and posting my favourite Minifigure every Monday using #MinifigureMonday.

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