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December is the month of looking back, making lists and picking favourites for the past year. Of course we’re joining the tradition with our own Awards. There will be the ‘Minifigure of the Year’ later this month. But first let’s pick our favourite LEGO Ideas Feature!

This year we picked 37 LEGO Ideas entries to feature on our website. In the end we didn’t quite manage to do a weekly feature in quantity, but we believe we picked the best ones in quality!

So which one was the best we picked and will be awarded our ‘Best Ideas Feature’ Award for 2023? That’s for you to decide!

The Ideas Features will face each other in a bracket style tournament starting  monday (December 11). At first 10 Ideas will have to qualify to get into the main tournament. These qualifiers will be similar themed entries, same builder etc. After that there will be a first round where opponents were picked by a random draw. The winners in round 1 will face off in round 2 etc etc until there’s 2 left to go to the final.

Every day we will post a few 1 against 1 polls in our Instagram stories for you to pick a favourite. We will publish a post on the website as well, celebrating the Ideas entries for that day with updates on their achievements since our feature.


So who will win? Let the battle commence! We’re looking forward to see your winning picks.

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