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As hints go this sounds more of a certainty as LEGO Movie producer Dan Lin tells The Ankler podcast that a brand new movie is in the works!

There should be an announcement soon surrounding the movie with regards to its subject matter and art style, Dan Lin had this to say during the podcast recording:

“We are very active in developing the next LEGO movie. We know we have to switch it up and take it a different kind of art form that’s still true to LEGO so we’ll have some announcements soon. I’m actually really excited about the progress that we’ve made. Lord and Miller really raised the bar for what a LEGO movie should look like and feel like and the tone. I think we’ve reinvented it in a really cool way but eager to announce it.”

It has been a while since the LEGO Movie 2, 3 years to be exact, so another one does make sense. With LEGO and Universal Pictures joining forces 2 years ago they’re almost half way through their 5 year contract. The contract involves development, production, and theatrical distribution for more LEGO movies after talks with Warner Bros. broke down.

Please watch this space for the announcement, whenever that will be, as no other details have surfaced yet, including story or art style.

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