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Brand new Minifigure characters have started showing up at BaM (build a minifigure) Stations Worldwide and with them an eclectic mix of new parts and prints. The BaM station is fast becoming the place to grab these exciting LEGO characters and on quite a regular basis too!

The last lot that were available were Ninja themed and included characters from LEGO Ninjago but with a more bright & colourful twist, click here for a quick refresher.

Having recently moved house, my new local store (Birmingham) is well over an hour and a half away. Thankfully a good friend helped me out and acquired this set of Minifigures on my behalf. Thank you Martin (@boombrickz)! If you’re in the set boat as me I would suggest joining several LEGO related Facebook Groups as some kind souls list new BaM packs for cost price.

The new BaM characters have been released and are available in most stores Worldwide. We have given them random and made-up names so it’s easier to identify them, also the accessories can be switched for any you like. Here is a closer look at them:

Happy Halloween Pumpkin:

  • New torso print ‘Happy Halloween
  • Pumpkin hat
  • Female face – big grin
  • Plain green legs
  • Lantern accessory

Jazz Cat:

  • Cat headgear
  • Happy face with Star glasses
  • Funky dot torso with bowtie
  • Dual-moulded legs (black & white)
  • Saxophone accessory

Tree Stump Guy:

  • Tree Stump head/body gear
  • Head with goatee and hearing aid (taken from Jazz Club modular)
  • New wood/tree printed torso
  • Plain brown legs
  • Watering can accessory

As you can see there are only 3 characters added to the BaM lineup this season. I can personally see them all being quite sought-after, especially the Halloween themed one, what with the new and exclusive torso design. As with all things LEGO, nothing is set in stone, all the parts above can be swapped for entirely different bits. Genders can be switched, colour combinations can be whatever you make them, and accessories can be random. Remember to have fun and enjoy your LEGO experience.

If you like the look of these characters they are available now at most LEGO Stores BaM Stations, although I would recommend phoning ahead to confirm before heading in and even getting a pack or two put by for you to avoid disappointment. You can either make them yourself or some stores conveniently bundle them into packs and are often located near the till area.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these new Minifigures and whether you collect them or not, we’d love to hear from you.

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