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The BaM (build a minifigure) Station has seen quite a significant update as a whole host of new parts have been added, including Castle elements!

The last lot that were available, around Valentines Day, featured a hot-pink Bear, Fairy girl, and Chick.

We were lucky enough to grab a few packs of Knights along with a Wizard and Princess/Queen Minifigure.

Starting with the Knight Minifigure we can instantly see a recognisable piece, the shield, which comes complete with the Black Falcon crest printed on its face. This alone attracts fans as it will be used in kitting out armies of Knights within that faction.

That’s not the main draw to the BaM Station though, oh no, the LEGO community is going mad for a new printed torso that so far is an exclusive and hasn’t been seen before, ever!

On the back we see once again the Black Falcon crest, which is very exciting in itself as we usually see it on plain blue torsos. This particular Knight is sporting a rather fetching red Cape, upon when the Black Falcon crest sits, this fastens around the neck on the front of the torso. We can see the chain mail clearly here as more is on show, I must say the design and printing is superb and is very crisp.

Not knowing to much about the whole LEGO Castle sets and the many Knight factions I had to seek some expert advice, this is where ClassicStyleCastle came to the rescue and shed a little bit of light on the matter at hand.

The main association between this new torso and the Black Falcon faction is made with the shield element being found at the BaM Station at the exact same time. Many fans, including myself, have just gone with that and made the connection ourselves, now this could be true and most likely are a faction within the Black Falcons themselves, as in some countries they were simply known as the Eagle faction. However at the end of the day we simply just don’t know and until LEGO give us official confirmation we can only speculate, they could even be used in the upcoming LEGO 90th Anniversary Castle set!

Please enjoy the images below of the new Knight Minifigures found in-store now (please check with your local store before heading in).


Other Castle style Minifigures available via the BaM Station consist of a Wizard and a Princess /Queen.

These are both done to a very high standard in terms of design and printing. The Wizard in particular looks like it could be an updated version of Majisto, who was first seen in 1993.


As you can see the coin pouch is there and so is the pointy hat, although the new Wizard doesn’t have a beard piece is does have an incredible pair of sideburns!

In then pre-picked packs, done so by Store members, they have given him an Owl as the accessory, this feels very apt and in keeping with how Wizards are portrayed in books and films.

The Princess/Queen Minifigure is just as nice as the others and makes for a great character to include in a Castle selection.

The hair piece and crown suits the Minifigure well and of course being part of the BaM Station you can swap any of the parts out and create an entirely different character.

It could just be me but I see a Ninja throwing star around her neck, which I don’t think a member of Royalty would have. It would suit a Ninjago character really well along with the bright pink dress, teal accents, and Koi carp dotted around her outfit.

Personally speak I’m not a big fan of those Crowns, they just don’t sit well and look kind of cheap. A proper moulded Crown hair piece is needed, similar to that of the LEGO Wonder Woman Minifigure.

These Minifigures have been showing up all over the Internet so they must have rolled out at roughly the same time. Please do check with your local store before heading in just to confirm they’re in stock, everyone hates a wasted journey.

Whilst you’re there you may see the other set of new BaM characters, centred on the Wild West, Cowboys!

We will showcase these in a different article once we’ve acquired them ourselves of course.

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