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Brand new Minifigure characters are available at BaM (build a minifigureStations Worldwide and include an eclectic mix of new parts and prints.

The last lot that were available covered a wide and random range of characters including a Rocking Llama, Clown, Penguin costume, Polarbear and a new Pink Brick person, click here for a quick refresher.

The new BaM characters hit many stores 1st May 2024 and are available in most regions Worldwide. We have given them random and made-up names to make it easier to identify them, also the parts & accessories can be switched for any you like. Here is a closer look at them:

A massive thank you to LEGO_BaM on Instagram for supplying the images, we personally couldn’t get to a LEGO store this time.

Construction Worker:

  • Red hard hat with black headphones
  • Female smiley face
  • High-vis jacket
  • Neon green legs with new printing
  • Dark navy tool box


  • Centre parting black hair
  • Make head with Goatee
  • Suit jacket with bowtie
  • Suit trousers (plain black)
  • Cello instrument

Security Guard:

  • Plain navy cap
  • Matching navy torso with badges
  • Plain matching navy legs
  • Grey walkie-talkie


  • Dark brown hat
  • Make face with bushy red beard
  • Explorer style jacket
  • Cowboy trousers complete with chaps
  • Black whip

Space Mechanic:

  • Red spikey hair
  • Female face with tech-glasses
  • Space torso with printed panel design
  • Matching Space legs
  • Transparent clipboard

Space Guy:

  • Dark navy Space helmet
  • Male face with moustache
  • Space torso with shoulder guards
  • Spade legs

Space Alien:

  • Green Alien antennas
  • Matching green face with Alien features
  • Space torso, red shoulder and logo
  • Ain white trousers
  • Purple goo test tube

As you can see there are a fair few out this time around, with 7 characters in total to add to the collection, I can personally see them all being quite popular. As with all things LEGO, nothing is set in stone, all the parts above can be swapped for entirely different bits. Genders can be switched, colour combinations can be whatever you make them, and accessories can be random. Remember to have fun and enjoy your LEGO experience.

If you like the look of these characters they are available now at most LEGO stores BaM Stations, although I would recommend phoning ahead to confirm before heading in and even getting a pack or two put by for you to avoid disappointment. You can either make them yourself or some stores conveniently bundle them into packs and are often located near the till area.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these new Minifigures and whether you collect them or not, we’d love to hear from you.

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