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If you’re a fan of LEGO, Minifigures and Movies/TV shows then you’ll love what our go-to custom Minifigure store has to offer. produce some of the best designs and Minifigures of modern pop-culture on the market, we should know as we have plenty of them ourselves, we have recently acquired the brand new triple-pack based on Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse.

Last month we did a similar post to showcase the latest releases and our top picks from We’ll pop links throughout article so you can shop with ease, these links contain a 10% discount that automatically reduces your basket amount. If this fails please use our code TheBrickPost-0921.

Click here for 10% off your order at! use genuine LEGO parts so you know you’re in good hands. Take a look below at what’s new and our top picks.

New Releases:

Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse



The Miniverse has opened and all of these awesome figs are roaming around – get ’em and save the world from all this silliness.

This set of three figs includes Miles, The Dot and Arachnid Anarchist.

Arachnid Anarchist comes with a custom-printed guitar and Miles comes with an alternative spidey mask and double-sided head.

Ryan & Rob (Wrexham A.F.C)



When they’re not fighting super villains and ‘running’ Paddy’s pub, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are the proud owners of Wrexham FC.

Whether you’re a fan of Wrexham, Ryan or Rob or all of the above, these minifigs are perfect for your collection.

Both figures come with a red baseball cap. Available to buy as a pair or on their own.

Original Cyber man (Doctor Who)



Are your Time Lord minifigs feeling a little too comfortable? Maybe they need a foe to keep them on their toes? Well, may we present the Original Cyberfig – with custom 360-degree printing and beautiful attention to detail.

Designed by and custom printed onto genuine LEGO pieces, this minifig is a great addition to your collection.

Brigadier (Doctor Who)



If your Time Lord minifigs need some company, we thoroughly recommend adding this little chap to your collection.

In his military uniform (including a custom-printed ‘UNIT’ badge on his arm), this smart little minifig is sure to impress. Made with genuine LEGO parts, which have been custom printed by

Top Picks:

15th Time Lord and Ruby (60s)


Ok, so it’s possible that are just a little bit excited about the new Time Lord and his companion. So much so, that it wasn’t enough for us to make them in their usual outfits; we needed to make them in their 60s outfits too!

Nostromo Crew (Alien)


In honour of Alien Day, we decided to create the Nostromo Crew in LEGO form!

Designed and printed directly onto genuine LEGO parts. The set includes a custom-built alien egg, and a total of 7 minifigures inspired by the characters Ash, Dallas, Parker, Ripley, Lambert, Kane and Brett.


We hope you enjoyed this run down of what is new and our top picks from Please let us know if you want more via the comments section below.

Check out some of our other articles that focus on the same subject, we have multiple reviews for other Minifigures we have in our collection.

Click here for 10% off your order at!

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