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If you’re a fan of LEGO Minifigures and the BaM (Build a Minifigure) Station found at official LEGO Stores, then you’re in for a real treat soon, as three new characters have been revealed!

With big thanks to Dylan Chow we have our first proper look at three new Minifigures coming to LEGO Stores soon, although no official date has been revealed, we can at least see what they look like.

The characters include a Dessert/Cake Suit Guy, Clown, and a new colour of Brick Suit Person.

Not only are the Minifigures cool we have been treated to a handful of new prints and colours such as the cake slice which has been used before for the Pizza Suit and Watermelon Suit Minifigures. The Clown has new printing on both his torso and legs, and the new Brick Person colour is amazing and adds to the already impressive selection of colours.

Again there is no mention of a release date but we hope to be seeing them in official LEGO Stores soon. If you find them first don’t forget to share the news with us and we’ll keep this page updated!


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