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Many MOC builders will be familiar with the online Pick-a-Brick service from LEGO. Last year some changes were made to the service, waiting a few months to introduce new parts was one of these changes. So until today we couldn’t order any of the parts from the January 2023 wave of sets.

It’s still far from complete, but a few hundred parts have now been added including animals like ‘Grumpy Cat‘ from Friends and the Otter from City, prints from the Jazz Club modular and many more are now available.

If past experiences are a good indication, some of these parts are likely to sell out fast, taking a few weeks for them to be restocked. Also, delivery times for standard PaB parts are already a month. With the many orders that can be expected with the new parts, some patience might be required until orders arrive.

You can find the online PAB here:

Are you ordering any of these new parts? What are your favourites from these new additions? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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