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There has been a rumoured list of characters for the new LEGO CMF (Collectable Minifigure Series), coming January 2022!

Thanks to PromoBricks we have a bunch of exciting details related to the upcoming Series 22 of the hugely popular LEGO Minifigures, which include a diverse and interesting lineup:

Moon Warrior: Comes with a sword and shield with printed crescent moon accessory

Girl in Raccoon Costume: Comes with a Green garbage can

Forest Spirit: Comes with short legs, green cloak, acorn hat, stick, and toadstool

Cyclist with Para-racing cycle: Brick-built wheelchair and bike helmet accessory

Insect Alien: Purple body with Classic Space logo on the torso, pink head with antennae, green wings and weapon

Woman in Chilli Costume: Moulded chili costume with milk carton

Girl with foal (new mould): Carrot accessory

Snow warrior: Comes with a white beard, sword, shield with snowflake print, Ushanka hat and husky animal figure

Figure skater: light blue torso with ice skates, a trophy and blonde Tan France hair

Bard: Comes with a lute (new mould)

Robot: Orange with a claw arm that can pick up tools  and a small brick-built robot in red

Researcher: Comes with dual-moulded legs, bag, binoculars and toucan (new mould)

As always please take these details lightly and with a pinch of salt. The names above are not official and are subject to change.

Please do let us know, in the comments below, what you think of this current lineup of characters and if any take your fancy or not.

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