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Christmas is on its way and here at The Brick Post we like to make a start on things early. We have been sent a selection of new prints, parts and custom LEGO Minifigures by the wonderful team at

In this showcase review we’ll dive into how we got on with their brand new ‘Create a Minifig‘ service and the awesome seasonal bits to go with it. If any of the products you see here take your fancy please use our affiliate links dotted throughout the page, not only does it give you 10% off your order (and future orders) but it also helps us out here with running costs and alike, thank you.

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As you may have seen from our previous article, we had the chance to use their brand new ‘Create a Minifig‘ builder, the whole process is smooth and let’s you build yourself or a custom character using their extensive range of custom products, which are printed onto genuine LEGO elements.

You can read about our experience here.

I created custom Minifigs of myself and my family using parts from their new Christmas items, these include Heads, Torsos, Legs, Accessories, and Display stands.

For myself I went for the traditional green knitted Christmas jumper which has been designed incredibly well, it’s covered in a festive pattern of Christmas Trees, Reindeer, Candy Canes, and Snowflakes. The print is continued on the reverse as well as a space for a name, I obviously went for my own, Greg. You can also opt to leave this option blank.

The legs are custom printed too and include a belt, pocket detailing, and shoe designs. These will now be a staple of my very own Sigfig so watch out for them in future #sigfigscene. The head is unique to my character and isn’t listed on their website, this isn’t a segvice thetly offer online but why not reach out them and ask, like a challenge!

My Wife, often referred to here as Mrs Brick Post, has also been given the custom Minifigure treatment and she now has her very own Christmas character.

She choose the red Christmas jumper which is covered in Snowflakes & Snowmen. Again we had her name printed on the back. She also went for custom printed legs which features a flowing white skirt, some may say it’s too cold for a skirt but we think the Minifigure looks stunning.

The face she went for represents her extremely well especially the alternative expression, which I see whenever I bring LEGO into the house, a sturn look that means “Not more LEGO!“.

Our Son Dylan chose his own pieces and went for the cutesy Reindeer jumper and features the face of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. This is a fun torso and works especially well as a Child’s torso, or a fun and funky adult.

The legs are short and plain black, but it’s the head and facial print that really signifies Christmas for me, going to a Family Christmas party and all the Aunties kiss your cheeks, hence all the lipstick marks over his face, you can’t escape those kisses!

When using the ‘Create Your Own‘ builder you have the chance to add a plethora of accessories that come in all shapes & sizes, from Christmas themed goodies to sports, video games, TV & movies, and so much more, here are the accessories we got with out custom Minifigures above.

The last few steps when creating your characters involve choosing accessories, if you’ve visited before then you’ll know they have way to many to chlsoe from and end up wanting them all. Luckily for us we had three characters to fill up on their goodies.

I went for a box of delicious Mince Pies, box of Celebricktions (Celebrations) and very aptly a set of weighing scales, which we would all like to avoid after stuffing our faces with Christmas Dinner and treats.

Mrs Brick Post chose a lovely looking Cheese Board, a box of Donuts, and a Christmas card. Whilst Dylan went for an Advent Calendar, Christmas Cracker, and a Bowtie to make himself look smart for Christmas day!

As you can see we managed to bag a few other accessories that took our fancy, simply have a browse and add them to he basket once you’ve finished with the ‘Create Your Own‘ builder. added new backgrounds this Year in their display category, these really appeal to me, not only because they look stunning and the design team have done an incredible job once again, but they’ll slot into MOCs (my own creation) extremely easily. The Fireplace is my favourite as it looks warm & cosy, there is also one with a row of Stockings that can be customised with your Families initials, how cool is that?!

These do come with 6×6 plates for your to pop your Minifigures on, making them even more usable and fun, creating scenes and taking photos. Which we’d love to see by the way, please rag us in your social media posts using @thebrickpost.

Take a look below at the bundles in full that we received, you’ll agree that you get a lot for your money:

We hope this post gives you some great ideas for Christmas and shows you what is available from one of the best Custom LEGO prints around!

The last day for guaranteed US delivery is 24th November, so act quick and get your orders in, this allows for any customisation to be done and then shipped out to you.

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Please click* any of the links found throughout this page to visit, clicking them will also apply a 10% off voucher to your order, feel free to reuse the code as it has unlimited uses.

*we may gain a small commission. 

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