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LEGO X Target are back with another challenge, Celebrate the wonder of STEM!

Following on from many collaborations between the two retail giants, the new challenge is again to find a future LEGO Ideas set. The challenge focuses on projects inspired by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and will require you to use between 50 to 1,000 LEGO, thankfully your submission won’t need to gain 10,000 supporters. The winning build will become a future LEGO Ideas set and sold both in-store and online, with exclusivity to Target stores in the US.

The prizes are great too, as always when it comes to LEGO contests. With the following prizes given to the winning set and the entries that make it through to the Fan Vote stage:


  • 1% of the total net sales of the product
  • 10 complimentary copies of your final LEGO Ideas set
  • Credit and bio in set materials as the LEGO Ideas Fan Designer

Fan vote stage

  • 21343 – The Viking Village
  • 21342 – The Insect Collection
  • 21340 – Tales of the Space Age

The challenge runs from now until 17th October 2023. You can learn more below.

Official details:

Celebrate the Wonder of STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math! All four of these fields demand innovation, creativity and problem solving. We think that designing the next LEGO Ideas x Target set will also demand these three skills!

And that’s exactly what is up for grabs in this Challenge, the chance at becoming the next LEGO Ideas Fan Designer; by designing a model celebrating STEM.

Your submission should celebrate at least one of the STEM themes but can feature more than one. Or all four!

To get the ball rolling, here are some inspirational suggestions and ideas for each area of STEM:

  • Science – Not just experiments and research. Biology, Chemistry, and Physics! The animal kingdom, and the solar system all make up different areas of science.
  • Technology – The wheel is technology! Although thousands of years old, this topic doesn’t have to be futuristic.
  • Engineering – Although we see engineering as buildings and engines, what about movement? A clever purpose for something.
  • Math – Something we all use every day, it fuels all other areas of STEM. But could it inspire a winning model from you?

Your submissions should:

  • Not have any IP references.
  • Your submission must be entirely new creations. Current or expired Product Ideas will not be accepted.
  • Use between 50 and 1,000 LEGO elements in size approximately. At our discretion, we will reject any submissions that we believe to be under or over this brick limit.

A judging panel consisting of members of the LEGO Ideas Review Board and representatives from Target will select all the entries that participate in the Fan Vote.

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