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Every month sees plenty of fun LEGO activities hosted by AFOLs on social media, mostly Instagram.

Building Challenges can be a lot of fun. Not just the creative aspect with building, but also the social interactions with other builders from around the world. November is packed with plenty of building fun so get your bricks out and join any of these!


What’s a month without a good old Habitat Challenge hosted by Jen @brickfambuilds? Co-hosted by @teflontodd it’s the return of Heroes and Villains Habitats. Build a fun habitat with a superhero (or supervillain) and post with the hashtag #HeroVillainHabitats23. Don’t forget to tag @habitatchallenge. Individual Habitats are to be posted on November 24-25 and stacks on November 26. If you want to know the basics for building a habitat, you can read our blog about it here.


The LEGO Group hosts their annual charity building event #BuildToGive. This year builders are invited to build a heart and post it to social media. TLG will donate sets to their chosen charities for all builds entered up to 1.500.000 sets. All details can be found here.

Nerdvember 2023: Survivor Edition

November has arrived which means BrickNerd is celebrating Nerdvember! The Bricknerd website runs a competition with many great prizes. All you have to do is build a survival version of their mascot ‘Nerdly’ in a apocalyptic scene (or whatever you might think of considering the theme).
You have until the end of November to build your entry and post it on Flickr in the Nerdvember 2023 group or on Instagram using the hashtags #Nerdvember2023 #BrickNerd and #Nerdly.  More information on the competition and prizes can be found here.


A monthly returning Instagram challenge hosted by @speedykiwi92 @plasticwanderer and @reddsbricks. The challenge is just as straightforward as the hashtag suggests: build a calendar for the month November. By the time this post is online the 10 November deadline is getting rather close but you can always join in for the next month! And just like most challenges this one now also has it’s own Instagram account.


Another challenge we can count on every month is the @letsbuildseries, hosted by Kate @Brickhuntress. The theme for November is Mosaics, which might be convenient for everyone that takes part in the weekly #MosaicsOnMonday. And like always, builds for this challenge can be both sets and own designs, as well as digital creations.


Ok, this might not be a November challenge but since it’s early in December, it’s included anyway. For the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities @shanzy_h organises a solo habitat challenge. The challenge runs December 1-3. The challenge is about promoting diversity and inclusion, specifically focused on persons with disabilities. These can be both visible or invisible disabilities.
Be sure to tag @brickaccessibilityinclusion in your post and follow the account to check out all the builds for this challenge.

Are you planning to join any of these challenges? Or did we miss a fun activity? Let us know in the comments! If you are hosting and want to have your building challenge featured in November please reach out on Instagram or comment below.

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