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As you may have seen from our many social media posts we are loving the LEGO Ideas Home Alone (21330) set, we even live streamed the last bag on Instagram.

So when LEGO release the designer video for it we couldn’t wait to watch it and learn more about the incredible set, originally by fan designer Alex Storozhuk, how it came about, and the many references and more!

The release of the video was to coincide with Disney+ Day, which is home to the classic Christmas movie, Home Alone, and its sequels.

Also in the video we meet the LEGO Designers Enrique Beixter and Antica Bracanov, that discuss what it took to transform Alex’s amazing product idea and turned it into something we can build today.

We also meet Kristen Nielsen, who chats about the Minifigures, Kevin & Kate McCallister, Wet Bandits, and ‘old man’ Marley. We also hear about the any graphics that add so much to the set, from sticker designs to packaging.

Checkout the LEGO Ideas Home Alone (21330) Designer Video below:

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