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LEGO has just announced the new LEGO Icons Winter Village set. It’s the 14th Winter Village set and it’s an absolute cracker!

This year’s set is a lush alpine cottage consisting of 1,517 pieces. Among these are 5 Minifigures and also a bird, squirrel and a kitten. The set will be released October 1st and RRP is €/$ 99.99 or £89.99 in the UK. This looks to be great value for money!

At first glance it’s a similar type of building compared to the Friends 41756 Holiday Ski Slope and Café. However on closeer inspection this really shows to be a more advanced set with less focus on play. The interior for this set is also more family focused and has a very cosy atmosphere.

The front of the build has a very nice look with the grey bricks and dark orange double curved slopes to represent a building that’s made of stone and wood. The colours and texture of the parts are used to really good effect here!

The fireplace contains a light brick and together with the furniture and details like the coffeemaker it certainly looks like a set that provides a great building experience.

The main building has 3 side builds. There’s an outhouse, a small skating pond and a snow scooter to transport a (brick-built) Christmas tree. Other trees are really nice as well with the fern pieces in dark green and white as well, colours we’ve only seen in a couple of other recent sets as well like the Tranquil Garden or Viking Village.

I personally can’t wait for the release of this set. It looks to be a really good one, both as a building experience or as a parts pack for MOC building. So what do you think? Is this a must buy for you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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