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Books, who doesn’t have at least a handful of books at home, sitting on a shelf or bookcase? What better way to keep them in order then using Bookends, they’re perfect! This week’s LEGO Ideas Feature is, yep you guessed it, LEGO Bookends!

Jimmi-DK has produced a set of bookends that not only keep your books in check but also gives the illusion of a train passing through them.

With these bookends it looks like a train is on its way through a tunnel in your books.

Whilst perusing the LEGO Ideas website I stumbled upon this submission and thought ‘wow, these look cool’ and I need to write a feature on them to help get them to their 10k support goal. Jimmi-DK isn’t too far off 10k but I’m sure he’ll get there.

I really like the look of these bookends and with a growing love for LEGO Trains it was an easy decision to support this submission. The detail that has gone into it all is outstanding and looks very professional. From the foliage and track to the train itself.

This locomotive has a traditional look and feel about it and the colours really work well together.

Both train sections are mounted on matching plinths, which also look well designed, built, and sturdy, each with overgrown greenery hanging from the tunnels entrance & exit. 

Jimmi-DK also mentions that they would fit into a LEGO City display. Just insert them into the side of a mountain (one each end) and it’s an easier alternative to constructing an actual cave system, amazing!

The measurements for each section is quite substantial too, coming in at almost 6in square

There are also five Minifigures included, a Train driver and four passengers. Access to the locomotive and carriage is gained by the removal of the roof sections so you can easily pop the Minifigures in and position them.

I could definitely see myself grabbing these if they were on the LEGO Store shelves. Having them setup on a bookcase or as part of a display would look so cool and definitely a conversation starter! 

Good luck to Jimmi-DK! 

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  2. Jimmi-DK train bookends… Where can I buy the instructions to create these lovely bookends. Pity that Lego did not create this set, but no reason why fans can not…

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