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A new LEGO Space themed book will be published next year by DK Books!

LEGO Amazing Space expands in the ‘Amazing’ line of books and offers build ideas and facts related to Space. DK Books is set to publish LEGO Amazing Space sometime early 2024.

Check out the cover (subject to change) and a couple of the pages below.

Official details:


Discover the furthest frontiers of space – and learn to build the Universe’s most incredible sights!

Explore the wonders of the Universe without even putting on a spacesuit! Take a tour of planets, stars, galaxies, and even alien worlds far away from Earth. Discover how the Big Bang created all of the worlds that make up the Universe; find out what’s in a black hole, and learn how stars are born and why they die. Go on a spacewalk, drive a Mars Rover, dock with the International Space Station, and launch a probe to make contact with extraterrestrials! With more than 150 out-of-this-world LEGO models to inspire you, what will you build?

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