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Although Dinosaur day was 1st June we still thought it was very apt that this week’s LEGO Ideas Feature was based on one of the most intelligent and dangerous dinosaur species to have ever walked the Earth, the Velociraptor!

It comes as the latest installment of the Jurassic World franchise hits cinemas too, Jurassic World Dominion, which I personally can’t wait to go and watch.

The product idea comes from 10k Club Member Hasskabal and is simply called Velociraptor Statue. Read more about it below and if you like please head over to the official LEGO Ideas page and support it.

The design is very reminiscent of the brick-built T-Rex from the LEGO Jurassic Park Rampage (75936) set and even sports the same colours, with its reddish-brown, brown, and dark brown pieces used to style the creature. I really like how the whole thing looks and also like the idea of how a series of these would look sat in a display.

Poised and ready to pounce in the image above the articulation looks spot on, from the many other images it looks like you can position it in many ways.

Adding the display plinth is a superb idea and really adds to the overall look of the idea, including the small tile that states which Dinosaur it is.

I’m always astonished just how professional some of the LEGO Ideas submissions look, this one in particular really does look like an official product already.

After a perfect building experience, give it the pose you want, display it in the most beautiful corner of your home or in your showcase or on your desk. – Hasskabal

It stands at quite an impressive height, coming in at 22cm tall, 44cm long (head to tail), and 18.7cm wide. The piece count is also considerably large at 1356!

Hasskabal has done an incredible job with this Velociraptor product idea and is worthy of your vote, if you’re a Dinosaur fan it’s a no braienr, but there seems to be a lot here for LEGO technique fans too.

We wish Hasskabal the greatest of luck in promoting and gaining the required 10k supporters for this product idea. Please click the link below and show your support, thank you.

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