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Here’s something you wouldn’t usually associate with LEGO, Escape Rooms, to be more precise a whole book of how to build them!

The next LEGO book to be published by DK Books is called ‘Build Your Own LEGO Escape Room‘, as the title suggests it offers tips and shows you how to build your very own Escape Room, built entirely our of LEGO bricks.

It also includes over 50 LEGO pieces and a sticker sheet to get you started, along with puzzles and minibuilds for objects you’d find in an escape room.

There’s quite a lengthy wait for the DK Books publication as it’ll hit book stores in October. Check out the front cover below, and let us know your thoughts via the comments.

Cover is subject to change.

Official description:

Create your very own LEGO® escape room to challenge your family and friends!

Learn how to plan thrilling LEGO escape rooms. Have fun building and setting up one of three themed escape rooms. Or pick and choose from LEGO puzzles and challenges to create your own rooms from scratch!

More than 50 build ideas for LEGO puzzles and challenges
Three themed escape rooms to build: Egyptian Quest, Space Mission, and Safari Adventure
50 useful LEGO pieces and sticker sheet for getting started
Tips from an expert LEGO builder and an escape room designer
Advice on how to plan your escape room, from making it immersive and theme inspiration to linking puzzles and giving clues
Are you up for the challenge? Plan your LEGO escape room—and see if your family and friends can puzzle their way out!

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