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Great news for all the builders and LEGO PAB addicts: Over 470 new parts were added to the service today! The parts added today all appear to be from sets released in August 2023.

This means you can now pick up Susan. She isn’t cheap however. And of course all the other awesome Dreamzzz characters are also added with all their amazing prints and new parts.

Other than Dreamzzz, a few parts from Super Mario Donkey Kong,  the Tranquil Garden and the Corvette Camaro were also added. Like the new banana bunch or Dark Green and Dark Bluish Grey Fern piece.

If this wasn’t reason enough to hop over there straight away I’ve compiled a few of my favourites below:

Not all parts are in stock right away, but check back often since LEGO updates this frequently.

What are your favourite parts from this ‘wave’? What should we definitely pick up? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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