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When it comes to playability, for AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO), LEGO sets usually lack in that department and we decide to display our prized collection instead for all to see. But what if a set had so much playability you couldn’t stop?

This week’s LEGO Ideas Feature is by LEGOParadise and the wonderfully deigned, built, and fully playable, Working Mini Golf Course!

The whole build fits nicely onto a 32×32 stud baseplate and features a host of details from flowers and lily pads to a bench and tiny windmill. It’s Minifigure scale, of course, and boasts three holes to test your golfing skills on.

Hole #1: Get started with a simple angled shot and watch as your ball bounces off the edges in a zig zag pattern!

Hole #2: Practice your precision as you hit your ball up a ramp across a narrow wooden bridge. Best to avoid the water hazards!

Hole #3: The ultimate test of your golf skills! Climb the moving staircase and then dodge the spinning blades of a miniature windmill!

There are multiple exposed studs across the Mini Golf Course that allow you to pop your Minifigure of choice on, these studs swivel as you turn the corresponding wheel located at the side of each hole.

This is a fabulous idea and I’d love to take a peek under all the bricks and see how it works. Things like this really fascinate me and should definitely be done more in LEGO sets.

A small side build comes included in the form of a Mini Golf Cart, it’s always nice to get a little something on the side and for it to be a Golf Cart is a great idea. Its design is simple but looks the part and has all the characteristics of a typical Golf Cart with the compact body, sloped front, small padded seats, and even a place at the back to store your clubs!

The shape and general feel of the build reminds me a little of the classic 90s game Screwball Scramble, with the meandering course and moving elements, total childhood flash back!

Image courtesy of TOMY

LEGOParadise has done a wonderful job in capturing the fun of Mini Golf and managed to cram it all into such a manageable size. The moving elements and Minifigure swivel points are definitely what sets this product idea apart from the rest and I personally can’t wait to see this project flourish and one day ultimately get made by LEGO.

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