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We’ve been bombarded with some retro sets this past Year, and we want more. With the LEGO Nintendo NES and recent reveal of LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street, we’ve been hit hard with the nostalgia stick! 

I’ve choosen this weeks feature for that very reason, it brings back so many fond childhood memories. LEGO__Tom has reproduced the iconic duo Wallace & Gromit! 

At just over 3,500 supporters, Tom’s LEGO Ideas submission is preforming very well, and it still has almost 600 days left.

Throughout my life, I’ve always loved the creations by Aardman animations.

As soon as I saw this on the LEGO Ideas website I knew I had to support and feature it, it’s such a great representation of them and other characters from the TV shorts, including:

The Cooker

Shaun the Sheep

The Wrong Trousers and Feathers Mcgraw

Each one has multiple articulation points, from hands, arms, and legs, even the eyes can be positioned to give alternative expressions.

Tom has thought of everything, right down to the fact Wallace can be placed into the ‘Wrong Trousers’, simply detach at the waist and pop him in!

I like what Tom has done here and can see Wallace & Gromit proudly displayed on an AFOLs shelf or being played with by younger fans. Having so many playable elements it’s perfect for all ages. The size resembles the recent LEGO Mickey & Minnie statue set, so who knows LEGO maybe in the market for more iconic figures.

Wallace & Gromit

Wallace’s wide grin is present, it wouldn’t be him without it, and looks great in brick-built form. The use of curved pieces and the teeth positioned behind works extremely well.

Gromit is, dare I say it, more iconic than Wallace, in my opinion. He is Wallace’s trusty pet & sidekick and more often than not saves the day and Wallace.

Gromit’s brick-built form is also stunning, with his curved floppy ears, doggy nose, and paws. The overall look is spot on!

The accessories included will bring back memories too, from the very first Aardman short ‘A Grand Day Out‘ from 1989\90.

It centred on the pairs love of cheese and the myth that the Moon was made of it. They devised a plan and built a rocket in order to harvest the Moon’s cheese. Whilst there they ran into a discarded cooker, and the rest is history. I seriously recommend watching all of Aardman’s creations as they’re all so good. 

So, the accessories included are of course some crackers and cheese, along with a proper British cup ‘o tea!

Pass the Cheese please Gromit

Overall Tom’s LEGO Ideas submission is spot on and well worth the support. So click the links below to checkout the Ideas page and other associated social media platforms.

We would like to wish Tom the best of luck with his Wallace & Gromit creation!

To support the above LEGO Ideas submission please click the following link:

Please check out the creators Social Media platforms:

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