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Following the recent news of a new LEGO Freight Train set coming our way this Summer we thought it would be great to look at a selection of Train related LEGO Ideas projects.

Please don’t forget that if you like the look of any or all of these submissions head over to their corresponding pages and support them!

You’ll find both the page link, in each header, as well as a link to the creator throughout the small excerpt.

The Old Train Engine Shed:

This design, by Mind The Brick, would be a great addition to any of the LEGO Cargo Trains past & present and would make any Train fans display look complete.

Mediterranean Train Station:

Padlix has designed a stunning Train Station inspired by the Mediterranean. I particularly like the archways and clock tower!

London Underground Train Station:

Designed by JarvBricks, this one would work both as a beautiful display piece and as part of a Cityscape, placed under the City of course.

Train Tunnel Bookends:

Something a little different now by The American Brick, Bookends. I like how these look and give the sense you could pass something through the middle, as if my magic! 

Train Bookends:

We’ve featured these Bookends by Jimmi-DK before, many months ago. They look absolutely stunning and even include a Train.

The Boxcar Children:

This idea is by Misterion and is based on a popular Children’s book. The single, seeming abandoned, carridge looks great on the over grown tracks, very atmospheric.

The ‘Adler’ – German’s first Regularly Operated Train:

Brick Jongleur has captured this Train perfectly, I especially liking the first open sided carridge.

The Last Crusade: Circus Train:

Missing out on most of the Indiana Jones sets I’d love LEGO to dip their toes back into the franchise, especially if they make Bricktastic99’s idea!

Signal Box:

We’ve said this many times in our Podcast that LEGO should branch out into side builds and additional parts for their sets, one being Trains. This Signal Box by RailwayGuy would fall into that category perfectly.

Track Bed Set:

Another example of a perfect addon would be this Track Bed Set by FanOfLEGOTrains. Additional track with this sort of detail would be great for LEGO Train enthusiasts.

Thank you for taking the time to appreciate these LEGO Ideas submissions, we hope you’ve found them inspiring and done the right thing by clicking the links to support them. The could be made into real LEGO sets one day.

If you have a LEGO Train product idea please feel free to add it/them to the comments section below, let’s grow this article into something more, a ‘platform’ (excuse the Train pun) to show off everything LEGO Trains!

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