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LEGO Ideas is the place to go for user created awesomeness, it’s full of amazing builds, Ideas, and inspiration. Today’s feature is certainly one of them, not only does it look great, it also is something I’ve not seen before. Introducing Stud Lane Book Nook By LordSquish!

There is more to this idea than meets the eye, it looks good as a row of Houses, but fold them inwards and it creates a stunning Book Nook. Filled head to toe with details from hanging foliage and street signs to a cobbled walkway and quaint little Book shop, this is made to sit between books on a shelf.

Nestled amongst the books in your bookshelf is a small street full of adventure! – LordSquish

I’m personally not a big reader bit I do have a collection of LEGO themed books, this would be an idea addition to the shelf and to bring life to a seemingly quiet area.

I appreciate the simple yet elegant architecture used here, starting with the sloped, stepped roof on the left, nougat brickwork on the right, protruding windows & beams, finished of nicely with a path in the centre. I can picture there being a Minifigure sat outside the Book shop reading and enjoying a coffee.

Also built into the facade is The Hop Inn and Stud Muffin establishments, we’re you can get a freshly baked Muffin or a three course meal.

As you take a stroll through Stud Lane you may come across a cosy restaurant known as The Hop Inn and a bakery called The Stud Muffin. – LordSquish

I personally really like this idea, hence it being featured, it shows you what can be done with LEGO in a multitude of different ways, filling a space (bookcase) with something interesting to look at.

We wish LordSquish the best of luck in the quest for 10k supporters, we really hope to see this product idea come to fruition. Please use the links below to show your support, signing up for a LEGO Ideas account is free and easy, supporting an idea is even easier, do it!

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