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The first LEGO Ideas Feature of 2023 and what better way to kick it off than with a packet of sweeties, more precisely Haribo StarMix!

The idea comes from the creative & talented mind of BrightYellowLid. The idea now only looks great but is different too, I’ve not seen anything like this before and think it’ll do well as an idea and potential LEGO or GWP (gift with purchase) set.

Enjoy a voyage of discovery with these five iconic, delicious sweets; Rings, Bears, Hearts, Eggs and Cola Bottles, just don’t eat too many at once… they’re bad for your teeth!

Having eaten many sweet over the years Haribo has always been my chewy go to, so having a set to build and display would be great. BrightYellowLid has put together a build that not only looks cool, but also functions somewhat as a bag, a brick-built bag, as it holds many of the favourites we know and live from Haribo.

Rip off the top and inside are a plethora of brick-built sweets that look like their real-life counterparts. The Egg, Ring, Cola bottle and Bear are all there, take your pick!

The top of the packet is easy to tear off and is resealable, preventing the sweets from going stale too quickly.

BrightYellowLid has also given a few updates, one being the addition of a brick-built 3D Haribo logo.

Consisting or around 170 pieces, this product idea would be affordable for many and most likely come in at £8.99. Perhaps it would be more suitable as GWP and be given away at Halloween, the perfect time for sweets.


Updated product idea with 3D lettering

We would like to wish BrightYellowLid the best of luck in gathering the required 10k supporters needed to make this idea possible. Please use the links below and hit that support button!

Official LEGO Ideas page:


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