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Christmas maybe so last month but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating a good MOC (my own creation), especially seeing one being built from scratch.

This week’s LEGO Ideas Feature is from Brian, he runs a very informative and fun Instagram account named St. Louis Brick Co. where he shares his wonderful creations and fascinating knowledge of LEGO and Plastic. His Instagram Stories are a delight to read, covering a wide range of topics within the LEGO World.

Amongst all of his MOCs, one seemed to have stood out, enough to submit it to LEGO Ideas, this is the one we’ll be featuring this week, Elves Toy Factory!

LEGO Ideas submission by Brian (stlbrickco)

We started following Brian quite some time ago and we’ve loved seeing this amazing project come to life over his many Instagram posts. The techniques he used and unique collaboration of colours is inspiring.

The dark red masonry bricks combined with nougat looks and works really well together, giving it an almost old Victorian style feel.

I have a soft spot for old factory buildings

Outside the toy factory is a narrow cobblestone path fronted by a short grey wall, both covered in Snow. It’s the little details that do it for me, from the lanterns hanging either side of the main door and the Toy Soldier standing proud right down to the snow overhanging various parts of the wall, each detail finishes off this great MOC to a very high standard.

LEGO Ideas submission by Brian (stlbrickco)

Sitting on the factory’s roof is a very well designed billboard sign which says TOYS, it also has a larger brick-built toy soldier head and hat, I love seeing LEGO elements enlarged especially Minifigures.

The roof also has some nice architectural detail with parts at different levels. The skylight is a very nice touch and gives the inside a pleasing dash of natural light.

LEGO Ideas submission by Brian (stlbrickco)

Spin the build around and we’re presented with the inner workings of the factory and what Santa and his Elves get upto. Head through the main door and the first thing you’ll see are Santa’s helpers hard at work making, painting, and wrapping all the lovely presents.

The inside of the building continues along the old factory theme with dark wooden timbers and a  grand staircase, accented with brass/gold railings and furnishings.

Make your way upstairs and you’ll see the man himself, Santa, sat at his desk sipping a hot drink and doing some much needed paperwork. Just over the landing, passing the unique Christmas Tree decoration, you’ll find a Reindeer munching on a carrot. It looks as though Santa is looking after his helpers as they’re all jolly.

LEGO Ideas submission by Brian (stlbrickco)

Brian has certainly packed a lot into this build and it looks amazing, I would definitely like to slot this into a Winter Village, it would even work well in a modern day Cityscape!

The support generated so far is great and already has well over 200 supporters (at time of publication) and is set to continue as Brian promotes and shares his creation on his Instagram account and alike.

We wish him all the best with his idea and hope to see it become a reality – Good luck! 

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