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Another week and another great LEGO Ideas feature. The submission comes from Roger Schembri (a.k.a LEGO CustardKid and Schembrulee on Instagram)  and his great looking take on the Safe from the award winning game The Room!

I thought I’d try to recreate the iconic safe using Lego bricks.

The build features some really nice colours, from the dark blueish-greys to the bright shiny golds, they all add to the aspherical look and feel of the the Safe.

The plinth it stands on is also a great touch and makes space for a few additional smaller builds and allows access to the whole set and in particular a certain secret space.

With the inclusion of interchangeable builds you can fill the Safe with two entirely different constructions, an ornate wooden box or the creepy alternative ‘Null’ creature!

This Lego Ideas set features the iconic metal safe from ‘The Room’, a BAFTA winning puzzle game series enjoyed by millions of players all over the world.

Roger was one of the developers that worked on the game, so who better than to recreate the iconic Safe featured near the start of the game! Taking details from the game and adding his own special touches really brings this idea to life. From the jewellery box and books on top to the custom designed and printed stickers, it all helps in recreating an iconic piece of gaming history.

Hidden switches and concealed hatches.

It wouldn’t be complete if there weren’t any hidden switches and concealed hatches. Roger included both with one being situated at the back of the Safe, handy for hiding a key or two!

There indeed is a Minifigure include, he simply goes by the initials A.S. He is the mysterious guide from the game. He boasts a wardrobe straight out of the Victorian era and a top hat to match. He also comes with an array of accessories which will help him, and you, in cracking the Safe!

Overall it’s a fantastic idea and build, and we hope it makes it to production.

Good luck Roger! 

As always we have written this feature article in conjunction with Martin (LEGO Fan UK) who started interviewing creators on his YouTube Channel. We hope to shine the spotlight on these projects to help gain much deserved support.

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