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We often peruse the LEGO Ideas website in search of our next feature, looking for one that grabs our attention. Whilst looking I could see Mrs Brick Post (my better half) out the corner of my eye showing an interest in the platform and more precisely the submission I happened to hover over, Animal Crossing: New Horizons by SoGenius106.

My wife is a big fan of the game and plays it daily, so who better to choose this week’s feature than her. Great choice!

Getting straight into our unique review of product ideas yet to be choosen or made, we take a look at one of the many Animal Crossing submissions on the LEGO Ideas platform.

What I particularly like about SoGenius106‘s idea is the display ability and its smaller, compact, design. The island on which the inhabitants reside is a perfect representation of the game and boasts the curves and many different levels of the land.

Based on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can enjoy living life on a deserted island. I wanted to capture the playful charm of the Animal Crossing series. – SoGenius106

The water looks amazing with the added 1×1 clear round tiles for added wave detail. Heading onto the beach the sand has a lovely two tone effect, contrasting between tan and pale nougat.

They’ve even included a small cliff edge, just like in the game, which runs along the left hand side of the set. This connects to the higher grassland level and ultimately where the residents live.

Another great feature of the idea is the small yellow Tent, the way its constructed is smart and the added guide ropes are genius!

Along with the tent you’ll see a very well designed tree that contains many apples, a wooden sign post, crafting log, rocks & boulders, and so much more. They’ve included a lot of extras to really make this idea standout.

  • Fossil(s)
  • DIY Recipe
  • Coffee Cup
  • Apple(s)
  • Shovel/ Axe/ Fishing Rod
  • Shells
  • Message Bottle

A few characters have also been included and come in Minifigure form, which in itself is refreshing to see. The Minifigures are based on characters from the game:

  • Girl Villager
  • Boy Villager
  • Carrie (Kangaroo)


I personally don’t know the game or characters represented here but my Wife does, and she approves!

We would like to wish SoGenius106 the best of luck with promoting and gathering the required support for his product idea, please click the link below to visit the official LEGO Ideas page and hit that all important support button!

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