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This week’s MOC Designer Interview focuses on the BrickHeadz theme, and all the possibilities that come with them. LEGO has recently revived this creative line of sets and, love them or leave them, they’re here to stay – Even more so with today’s guest, Stormythos, he designs and builds his very own custom Brickheadz. With over 200 in his collection and growing he cant get enough of them!

Please follow, support and check out Stormythos on Instagram, also visit his website where you can purchase instructions for all his custom BrickHeadz. Oh and he has kindly offered a discount code for you to use, valid until the end of the month!

Instagram: Stormythos

Hi all – Stormythos here! I’m an AFOL living in Australia and I’m a massive fan of the LEGO BrickHeadz line. I have an Instagram account (@stormythos) where I share all my BrickHeadz MOCs!

When and how did you get into LEGO?

Like most fans, my first exposure to LEGO was as a child but, at that age, it was only treated as just another toy. I didn’t really build my own models – only building and playing with the sets as they were designed. Some themes I remember playing with a lot were Bionicle, Knights’ Kingdom, Star Wars and Spider-Man (sets based on the Sam Raimi-directed films).

As I grew older, my interest in LEGO dwindled… Most AFOLs refer to this as their ‘Dark Ages’ 😂

When did you start making custom BrickHeadz?

Fast forward to having completed my tertiary studies and my interest had reignited! Around early-to-mid 2018, I started getting back into LEGO and discovered the BrickHeadz theme. Having never really made a proper ‘MOC’ before, I just couldn’t resist making my own custom BrickHeadz! My first build was a BrickHeadz of the Marvel Comics character Thanos in his classic comic-book appearance. I had purchased the official Thanos BrickHeadz (set 41605) and felt that the printed element used for the iconic Infinity Gauntlet was lacking, so I really wanted to include a brick-built alternative in my version.


At the beginning of July 2018, I decided to start an Instagram account @stormythos ( so I could have a platform to ‘showcase’ all of my current and future BrickHeadz MOCs. I didn’t have any expectations whatsoever, but the reception was so overwhelmingly positive! I am so thankful to be able to share my creations with so many others and engage with LEGO fans from around the world. The LEGO fan community on Instagram is amazing and I’ve made so many awesome friends on there – shoutout to my BrickHeadz buddies!

200+ BrickHeadz MOCs later and my passion for BrickHeadz only continues to grow!


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I typically draw my inspiration from whatever media is of interest to me at the time, such as movies, TV shows, comic-books or video-games. I also like to ask my followers on Instagram for build suggestions as that’s a fun way to engage with everyone.

After you get an initial idea, what happens next?

The first thing I do when beginning to build a BrickHeadz is look for reference images. Whether I’m building a known character or an animal, whatever it is, I grab reference images first! This allows me to clearly see what colours I should use, what important details and shapes I need to include, and generally ensures my build is as accurate as possible.

Are there any techniques in particular that you really like implementing?

I love using SNOT techniques! Official BrickHeadz sets generally use printed elements for certain details, whereas custom BrickHeadz rely on brick-built details. Being able to utilise SNOT building can really allow you to pack in a lot of detail, especially at such a small scale.

My favourite SNOT technique has got to be using ‘Tile, Round 1 x 1 with Bar and Pin Holder’ (ID 20482) and ‘Plate, Modified 1 x 1 with Open O Clip Vertical Thick’ (ID 4085d). It’s such a compact method to invert stud direction!


How long does it take from initial idea to finished product?

Build time can vary a lot, depending on complexity and level of detail. I rarely finish a BrickHeadz in a single session as I like to take a break and revisit the model, as it usually allows me to notice something I may have overlooked or approach something in a new way.

What would be your dream BrickHeadz to create?

Not really a ‘dream BrickHeadz’, but a dream would be to officially work on the BrickHeadz line at The LEGO Group! Marcos Bessa, Senior Designer and BrickHeadz Design Lead, is a huge inspiration. I know the process would be very different to building a BrickHeadz MOC, but I love the prospect of working on the official line and approaching it from a product design point of view. I’m very glad that the BrickHeadz line is continuing in 2020!

What are you currently working on?

Always working on new BrickHeadz! My most recent creation is a BrickHeadz of Captain Redbeard from the classic LEGO Pirates theme. I recently asked my followers for build suggestions and this idea grabbed my attention considering the recent release of ‘Pirates of Barracuda Bay’ (set 21322 from LEGO Ideas). I’ve also recently finished working on a series of BrickHeadz based on heroes & villains from DC Comics.

What advice would you give to beginner BrickHeadz/MOC builders?

For anyone wanting to get into building their own BrickHeadz, I would suggest starting with understanding how a BrickHeadz is typically constructed and use that as a ‘base’. The instructions for set 41597 (instructions found here) are a great introduction to building BrickHeadz! Additionally, all the instructions for official BrickHeadz sets can be found online.

Apart from making BrickHeadz what other aspects of LEGO do you like, sets, minifigures etc?

One thing I love about LEGO is how many niches there are! Everyone has their favourite thing to build and it’s so awesome to see that variation in the LEGO community.

I also enjoy the LEGO video-games a lot! I often play them along with my younger brother so that’s heaps of fun for the both of us.

Thanks to Greg from The Brick Post for reaching out to me and wanting to feature me in a MOC Designer Interview! You can check out all my BrickHeadz MOCs on my Instagram page @stormythos (

I also have some instructions available (both for free or for purchase) via my online store ( – you can use the coupon code THEBRICKPOST during checkout for a discount on any paid instructions (applicable until the end of the month).

Thank you Stormythos for your time and having a chat with us, it truly is appreciated. We wish you all the best, and look forward to seeing your next project!

Please join us next week for another MOC Designer Interview. We hope you enjoy reading about these amazing LEGO builders and what inspires them, we sure do!

Thank you.

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