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#SigfigScene was founded by myself and good friend Mark (@brick_beat), it’s a funny weekly feature that showcases all the wonderful Sigfigs (signature figures) out there and gives them a chance to go on adventures, get into mischief and support worthy causes.

The very first outing was this time last year and it surprises me just how well it has done, with hundreds of posts and growing. To celebrate this milestone we are running a small competition to win one of five custom newspaper tiles, Vol.5 of The Brick Post to be exact.


Head over to our Instagram account and read through the instructions there. The requirements are simple though, count how many Newspaper tiles there are in the Bedroom MOC, comment your answer and tag three friends, bosh!

My Sigfig, lil’ G, has been through a lot this past year, take a look below at what he got up to:

The Adventures of Lil’ G – Part Of Our #SigfigScene Feature

He has been joined by many friends, most notably Mark (@brick_beat), Dana (@virginia_bricks), Monique (@thebrickbheanie) and Felix (@hannover_bricks). Many custom parts have made it into our scenes, these are supplied by (10% off link).

If you would like to build yourself a Sigfig, there are many options available. Check out our special article bekow:

A LEGO You – Creating the perfect SigFig!

Thank you for taking part in #SigfigScene and here’s to many more to come!

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