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Hi! It’s Thebrickbheanie here, today I have a review for the brand new JMBricklayer The Puppet Show (70002)!

JMBricklayers have kindly sent us a handful of sets to reveiw and showcase to you what they have to offer in terms of brick sets. Stuart (Brick McBricksworth) recently wrote a great review for us of the brand new JMBricklayers Mechanical Chameleon (70124) set, which you can check out here if you haven’t already. Greg built and reviewed the JMBricklayer Medieval Hotel (31103).

As Stuart mentioned in his review there is some stigma surrounding alternative brands, but I’m here to convince you and the die-hard LEGO fans out there that some brands are worth checking out, especially if the leading brand doesn’t produce a certain theme or set.

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The JMBricklayer The Puppet Show (70002) consists of 1,900 pieces and retails at $109.99, it depicts a young puppet named Pinocchio sitting on his fathers desk. It consists of mostly brown, yellow and red bricks which go together beautifully. The build is complex and fun so it will provide days worth of enjoyment and fun for whomever is building this cute set.

It also comes with a light brick within the set so that the inside of the chest Pinocchio sits upon lights up to display all the details that are held within – including a cat, a wooden cabinet and beautiful theatre curtains. The back of the set has a great playable feature which is a drawer that opens and closes extremely well and smoothly.

The stickers and tile printing is great quality and there aren’t too many stickers which I appreciate as it gives the set a much cleaner look.

Unfortunately there is a big downside to this set that i experienced and that is that the head is far too heavy for the body and display chest – meaning Pinocchio can not sit on the chest without external support from a hand behind him. The hinge at the back is also very small and not the strongest to hold up an entire built model. In order to get the photo on this review i had to prop the model up and quickly take a photo.

So the build itself is good and very enjoyable but after doing all the steps and getting to the end of the build I found that attaching the head to be somewhat troublesome. Due to its weight the head clips into place with a single Technic style rod, add the fact that the whole Puppet model is secured with a basic hinge, there just isn’t enough fraction to hold it all together, resulting in the occasional topple. It may be restricted to the review copy I received, who knows, but the set and model in general is great and makes for a cute display piece.

Thank you for reading this review, please do leave a comment below with your thoughts on the set, we love hearing from you.

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The JMBricklayer The Puppet Show (70002) is available from Amazon US:

It’s also available from their website, use thebrickpost15% code to get 15% off your order :

Enjoyed the review? Let us know via the comments section below. Thank you! 

Until next time – thebrickbheanie


JMBricklayer The Puppet Show (70002)



The Box 6.5
The Build 8
The Cost ($109.99) 6.5
Cuteness 10

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Hi! Thebrickbheanie here.

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