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Every month sees plenty of fun LEGO activities hosted by AFOLs on social media. We posted about weekly hashtag fun before, which you can read here. Building Challenges can be a lot of fun. Not just the creative aspect with building, but also the social interactions with other builders from around the world.


A monthly returning Instagram challenge hosted by @speedykiwi92 @plasticwanderer and @reddsbricks. The challenge is just as straightforward as the hashtag suggests: build a calendar for the month. The calendars can be posted for the challenge between 1. October and 10. October.


Like every month, Brickhuntress on Instagram hosts the #LetsBuildSeries. This will be the first month it’s hosted from it’s own account. This October the theme is ‘Spooky’. Her challenges might be a bit more accessible compared to the others in this post. MOCs are welcome of course, but not mandatory. Building a set or modifying a set is welcomed just as much. The themes are also chosen to allow for various interpretations to have a broad appeal. So IP licenses can be used, but if you don’t have anything from an IP you can still join in. #LetsBuildSpooky runs from October 6th.


Friday the 13th seemed the perfect day for me to host my first Instagram challenge. Annoyed that LEGO often snubs black cats in sets I wanted to do something with black cats. Having worked in a shelter I know black cats struggle to get adopted while they often have very sweet characters. So to celebrate black cats I hope others will join in and show their love as well. Since LEGO hasn’t produced many black cats you can always build your own if you don’t have one on hand.

Joining is easy: build a habitat with a black cat featured in the scene, post it on Instagram with #BlackCatHabitats on October 13th and tag @patrick_bricksterdam.


October is time for spooky building so of course this sees the return of Halloween Habitats hosted by Jen @brickfambuilds and Anabelle @brickswhynot on Instagram. Individual habitats can be posted with #HalloweenHabitats23 from October 23-28 and full stacks on the 29th. And with al the witchcraft happening at Instagram lately, be sure to add @halloweenhabitats as a contributor to your Halloween builds so everybody can keep track of all the habitats!

To get some inspiration from previous years, be sure to have a look here as well.

Are you planning to join any of these challenges? Or did we miss a fun activity? Let us know in the comments! If you are hosting and want to have your building challenge featured in November please reach out on Instagram or comment below.

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