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When it comes to LEGO VIP promotions it can be very hit & miss, usually the item in question isn’t what you’re after or costs just that little too much to redeem. I had the same dilemma when the recent LEGO Vintage Camera was available, I liked it but just no that much to spend 2000 VIP points on, as I’d rather have the money off.

That being said I managed to acquire it via other means and I’m glad to say I now have it in my small but growing collection, thanks to a very friendly and understanding LEGO Customer Service provider.

As with most of the smaller sets I tend to build them live on our Instagram account, @thebrickpost, which has recently hit the 3000 follower milestone, thank you!

During the live stream I was joined by @brick_beat and @cabbagefacebricks, who both had the set also. It was a fun build as always and great to share it with the #legocommunity.

So let’s get in to the review.

The box:

As with a handful of recent LEGO GWPs (gift with purchase) they have been bundled into a small yellow box with the manual acting as the front cover and displaying all the necessary set details. I really like this approach and think it works well.

The manual is square in shape and quite thin, for a relatively small set it’s perfect. There aren’t many steps on each page which I find helps especially when trying to build it live on camera, losing my place it a common occurrence when interacting with viewers.

The Build:

Starting this build you get the feeling you’re putting it together in reverse, as you flip over and attach pieces to the under side of a long plate, and also the fact that you start off building the back of the camera doesn’t help.

The hinge part makes use of Technic parts well, this is the only real instance I like and use LEGO Technic elements, hinges and connecting Modulars. I love the way the back panel opens and allows you to insert the roll of film, it’s genius and takes me right back to my childhood.

At the front of the camera you get the usual lineup of buttons, along with the lens. I particularly like the inclusion of a lens cover, which will no doubt go missing just like many of its real life counterparts.

Another thing you notice, once it’s complete, is there aren’t any bare studs showing. The whole front has been tiled over and look fantastic. Also thanks to the unique SNOT (studs not on top) building technique the top and bottom parts are smooth also.

On top are where the shutter, scroll-on, and other buttons are situated, and having the scroll-on button actually turn is another added bonus and again just like the real thing.

My only gripe is that you can’t peer through the viewfinder, as it doesn’t lineup with the back quote right, and being solid bricks obviously gets in the way. With a bit of tinkering I think this camera could have been one of the best GWP/VIP Promo ever, well in recent years anyway!

The Conclusion:

Overall this VIP set is a must have for any fan, and at only 2000 VIP points is a true bargain, it equates to just under £15.

The build was very enjoyable although the reversed building of it was a little confusing at times. Being finished off with tiles is a very nice touch and should be applied to most sets, it gives that finished, premium feel, that LEGO strive for.

As I write this the promotion is no longer available sadly, but please do follow us on our social media where we post daily, you never when LEGO will bring this back or make more available.

We hope you enjoyed this short but sweet review of the LEGO VIP Vintage Camera (5006911) set. Please let us know via the comment below what you think of it, if you login you can even leave your own review!


LEGO VIP Vintage Camera 5006911



The Box 8.5
The Build 9.5
The Cost (2000 VIP Points) 9
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