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Space, in particular LEGO Space. LEGO have been producing Space sets since 1978!

Although the Classic days are far behind us, LEGO have recently brought back the theme (City sub-theme) and are continually expanding the Universe with great sets.

One of the smaller sets in the current theme, Satellite Service Mission 60224, is on today’s agenda.

Box art – front

Box art – back

Lets dive straight in and build this great little set!

The main build:

Two bags, sticker sheet, and manual inside the box. One small bag for the smaller bits, and one for the medium to large pieces.

Smaller bag

Larger bag

There aren’t many stickers included with this set. You get 2 Satalite stickers and 2 new Space logo stickers.

Sticker sheet

The Space craft itself is sturdy and well build with the structure consisting mostly of larger, angled plates.

There is enough room for one Minifigure to sit. Which is ideal as this set only comes with one Minifigure.

Space craft

There is a small space at the rear for the Satalite to fit into, albeit not very securely. A clip either side ensures it won’t escape during re-entry.

Satalite compartment


I was a little disappointed that the Satalite panels were stickers and not printed, I think LEGO missed a trick here. Many of the newer Space sets come with printed panels, so it is confusing as to why this set didn’t.

The Minifigure:

This little Astronaut comes fully geared up for Space maintenance, with his heavy duty helmet and spanner.


LEGO have done a really impressive design job on this Minifigure, the printing looks on point and the colours are great and stand out well.

The torso features the new Space logo which is based on the classic one from the good ole days.

Minifigure print

There is no hair piece included with this Minifigure, I guess it’s because you should never remove your helmet in space! 😉

Final thoughts:

Overall a great little set, good for introducing you into the new City sub Space theme.

Not too challenging for younger fans, as consists mostly of larger bits and pieces.

Minifigure is great and well done, will definitely add to the Space fleet collection.

For the price (RRP £9.99), I personally think its ok, being only 85 pieces it’s a tad on the small side for the cost. If they had included printed tiles then it. Would be a different story.

Thank you for reading this review, we hope you enjoyed it!

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