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It has been a while since I last reviewed a LEGO magazine and to be honest with you I’ve missed it, a lot. Grabbing a copy of the latest issue, be it Star Wars, City, Explorer, Jurassic World, or the occasional Ninjago magazine, they’re great reads and well worth it for the right ‘freebie’.

The Magazine:

I’ll dive straight into issue 75 of the LEGO Star Wars magazine, as it not only has a cool comic story and posters, it also has a ‘freebie’ of one of my favourite vehicles from the franchise, an AT-ST!

The front cover features The Mandalorian, Din Djarin, along with the foil bag which includes a mini version of the AT-ST Raider seen in the first season of the hit Disney+ TV show The Mandalorian!

Opening the magazine we see the usual contents index which shows a whole host of common comics, puzzles, and posters often found with these and other LEGO magazines.

Starting off with the activities and puzzles, there are so many it’ll keep the younger fans in your household occupied for a while.

The first one you come across features Rey, who has stacked LEGO bricks using the force. She needs help to match the overhead outlines the the shapes she has created, which does seem quite tricky at first, a real challenge for younger fans to get stuck into.

On the opposite page Luke Skywalker has taken a bump to the head and his memory is foggy, he needs a hand in remembering which parts go where to make a Probe Droid.

Other puzzles include a spot-the-difference and a futuristic space maze.

Another fun and different take on a classic game is the one featuring Chewbacca, which has you matching up his crazy hair styles. It’s such a fun image too seeing all the different hair pieces plonked on top of Chewies head!

The comic stories included are quite amusing, with the first one featuring the iconic duo Han Solo & Chewbacca, whilst the second comic centers around more recent events with The Mandalorian & Grogu.

We also get a double sided poster which has some really nice looking art on both sides, I particularly like the busy scene side as so much is happening and you spot something new everytime you look at it. It’s very reminiscent of the Where’s Wookie (Where’s Wally) books.

The other side features three heavy duty AT-ATs, sorry I don’t know the their exact name. Again the art work looks good and definitely a keeper.

There is a fact file page all about The Mandalorian, with details of the Mandalorian history, Din Djarin’s friends, his Starship (Razor Crest), and a little info on Grogu!

I usually cut these pages out and pop them into a folder, perfect for my Son to read through and gain a basic knowledge of the character.

The Foil Bag:

As always it’s the foil bag that draws me to the magazine, and ultimately sways me to purchase it or not.

This issues build is a mini AT-ST Raider from The Mandalorian TV show, it features similar techniques to other mini builds of the same LEGO Star Wars walker vehicles.

Despite its size this little build is quite enjoyable and the selection of bits isnt too bad, we get two 1×3 reddish brown modified jumper tiles, a handful of SNOT pieces, and hinges.

We first build the head starting at the base, fitting the guns at the front along the way. Next are the side panels which sit either side of the head, here we use use a couple of angled plates to recreate the iconic shape of the AT-ST.

The angles look and work great especially with then mounted guns on either side. Also a nice touch is how the head attaches to the base, via a free spinning plate, giving the freedom needed to look around and pose the build in multiple positions.

Next we construct both legs, both in a similar fashion to each other, but in mirror image. One leg is grey but the other is red, this is exactly how it is in the episode of The Mandalorian, as it stomps out of the forest and reveals itself for the first time!

Once the legs are done we can now fix them to the head, thus finishing the build.

Overall the mini LEGO AT-ST is good with a great selection of parts and cool techniques to make this an enjoyable, yet small, foil bag build!

Also included as part of the magazine are two very handy backdrop images, obviously from the World of Star Wars. These are great for budding photographers wishing to take their photos to the next level. Take a look below that consists of the Forest backdrop and the AT-ST itself. Basic but the results are quite good, perfect for young fans to get started.

Next issue:

Here’s a sneak peek at next issues freebie, it’s another micro-build, this time based on a Clone Turbo Tank. The part selection here looks really good and the whole vehicle looks chunky and a substantial build!

Thank you for joining us and reading our review of issue 75 of the LEGO Star Wars Magazine, we really do appreciate it!

Head down to the comments and let us know which ones you collect and why, if it because of the Magazine or the freebie? We’d love to hear from you.


LEGO Star Wars Magazine Issue 75 - AT-ST Raider



The Magazine 7.5
The Build 8.5
The Cost (£3.99) 9.5
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