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The LEGO Speed Champions theme has ruled the brick-built road since 2015, with a ton of sets inspired by classic, muscle, F1movie and other cars.

With a brand you wave out, I had to keep one up. I liked the look of the Ford Mustang Dark Horse so went with that, I don’t usually buy and build LEGO Speed Champions sets but this one has a nice shape and colour scheme. Coming in £20.99/$26.99, the price point has increased a little over the years. I still think this is reasonable, just, any higher and it would be too much, pushing a lot of fans out and sales down.

I built this on one of my recent Instagram livestreams, which I host every Thursday. If you would like to watch then please feel free to follow us on Instagram and be notify when we go live.

The Box & Content:

As usual with LEGO Speed Champions sets, the box features a suitable background for the car itself, here we have normal road with a bridge in the background. The brick-built Ford Mustang Dark Horse is front and centre and looks like a beast. On the reverse there is a backend view of the car along with a grille shot and real-life photo. LEGO have got the the colour scheme spot on, marching the real car perfectly.

Inside the box you’ll find 4 numbered bags, a small sticker sheet and an instruction manual. Having that many bags does feel overkill for such a small-scale set, perhaps filling the bags better would result in 2 or 3 being needed.

The Build:

The build itself is where the set shines, obviously, but something about this LEGO Speed Champions car is different, I still haven’t put my finger on exactly what that is yet. Perhaps it’s the way each angle is created or the SNOT (studs not on top) techniques, but I loved every second of the build process.

The first couple of bags make a start on base and main structure of the vehicle. The two seats are really cool and designed in such a simple yet functional way, the 1×1 half round tiles are used for the headrests which is again simple yet works really well.

Creating the angles and curves of the car is great fun to build and seeing the parts fit together is so satisfying. Add in the stickers for the door handles, badges and other intricate details and you have an awesome and well put together vehicle.

Under the bonnet is interesting too, not the most sophisticated of builds but still quite fun to construct separately and add once done. There is one gripe with the brick-built bonnet, the gaps, or more precisely the joins that the LEGO elements leave. It’s a bit of an eyesore from certain angles, but I think I can live with it.

The finished product looks so good and one I’ll be proud to display in my collection, which as I mentioned before isn’t extensive, but I tend to purchase the LEGO Speed Champions cars that appeal to me – I’m a big fan of Muscle-style cars and this one is a beast!

The curves, angles and slopes are designed well and look stunning, in particular the rear end, the subtle slopes created using clips and hinges is a nice touch, finishing off the Ford Mustang Dark Horse perfectly.

The Minifigure:

As with all LEGO Speed Champions sets you get a single Minifigure, this ie is no different. The Minifigure itself is a nice collection of cool parts and prints, including a Mustang Dark Horse torso and logo on the back.

The hair piece is interesting and not one I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in the flesh (plastic) before. It’s a nice style that represents a shaved head on one side with the hair flicked over to the opposite side. This combination of parts makes for a very snazzy Minifigure character, the torso and hair piece will come in very handy for future MOCs and Scene.

Over all the set is great and stays true to the LEGO Speed Champions theme. The design team have done a good job in recreating this beast of a car and I’m happy to add it to my collection and City (which is currently in the works). Fans of the Ford Mustang Dark Horse will want to pickup this set, LEGO have done it justice, it looks great from every angle! 

Thank you for reading this review, we hope it brought you a better insight into what the set is about and some of the build process that goes into it. Please feel free to ask any questions about it via the clm section below.


LEGO Speed Champions Ford Mustang Dark Horse (76920)



The Box 8.5
The Build 9.6
The Minifigure 9.3
The Cost (£20.99) 8.9

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