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DK Books is back with a brand new and updated edition of their popular encyclopedia book all about LEGO Harry Potter and the many characters that popular the brick-built world!

There have been a few over the years but the last one to include a Minifigure was back in 2012. This updated idition includes an amazing exclusive Minifigure, Rita Skeeter. Complete with a printed notepad tile and transparent green flame piece.

The Minifigure itself is stunning with the attention to detail being spot on to the onscreen counterpart, right down to the fluffy collar and pockets. The combination of blonde hair, dual facial expressions, outfit and the accessories, LEGO have done this Minifigure justice and it’s an absolute must for LEGO Harry Potter collectors.

The book is filled to the brim with every Minifigure under the LEGO Wizarding World umbrella, including Rita Skeeter herself!

Each Minifigure has its own page, making space fore all the details and facts needed to cover that particular character, such as the year it released, the sets it appears in and the accessories it comes with. It also lists the variants, if there are more than one, of the character, for example the I age below shows LEGO Harry Potter and 3 of the others that can be acquire. It even lists the alternative facial expressions and a background about the colours used.

I’ve chosen random pages to showcase here but they all pretty much state the same information for each Minifigure. There are double spread pages dotted throughout the book, these highlight the beginning of a new Harry Potter book, for instance The Philosopher’s Stone and the characters that appear in that particular film.

It’s not just limited to Harry Potter, as Fantastic Beasts and where to find them are also included in the book. Making it a true comprehensive encyclopedia.

One of my personal favourites is the Founders of Hogwarts page, being a Harry Potter fan both of the movies and in LEGO form, it’s nice to see that other characters are shown too, ones we don’t necessarily know much about, or featured in the movies.

Again the page is filled with cool facts and information to learn about these characters. It’s a great reference tool to have when you don’t recognise a Minifigure, a quick flick through and hey-presto, information acquired!

The book is available now from all good book stores, including Amazon and The Works (UK). I picked up my copy from The Works at a reduced price of £10, which obviously makes it a cracking deal.

Other books in the LEGO Encyclopedias are also available, check out your local book store for more. Let us know via the comments section below if you are a game of this style of book and which ones you have.


LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia



The Book 9.7
The Minifigure 9.2
The Cost (£14.99) 9
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