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LEGO has released many brick-built buses over the years, but this one is different. It isn’t bundled in a larger set which costs a small fortune, it comes as the main attraction in its own set. Read what I have to say about the build process, parts and Minifigures in the LEGO City Red Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus (60407)!

The Box & Contents:

The box art both front and back, looks great and very in keeping with the LEGO City theme with the Cityscape in the background and the set front and centre. Being aimed more towards kids, it is a toy after all, the colours are bright and bold with the traditional LEGO City blue everywhere.

In the front we see the bus along with the driver welcoming the passengers on. Already on the bus are two tourists ready to go sightseeing. On the back you’ll see some of the features and playability aspects of the set. The roop pops off, the doors open and so on.

Inside the box are the usual contents, numbers bags (3), instruction manual and a rather large sticker sheet. The manual is quite thick for a set this size and the sticker count is 13 which is a lot. Inside the bags are a total of 384 pieces, a nice amount of parts of you ask me. There are also 4 Minifigures, which we’ll talk about in more detail later in the review.

The sticker sheet is mostly filled with repeat designs, being a bus the same adverts/signs can be seen from before sides, which makes sense. From an outline of a City skyline to the drivers dashboard, the Bus looks vibrant and full of life.

The Build:

Bags 1 and 2 construct the main body of the Bus, starting with the base and building up as you go. It’s substantially long and the base is made up of a few plates joined together and held in place where the wheels meet, making it very sturdy.

Again being a larger vehicle the removal of the top floor is needed, with ample seating, placing the Minifigures would be tough even for small hands to get inside if the roof did not pop off. Having used buses for may years myself, I can see some key features recreated here in the set. The many seats for one, the narrow staircase is spot on and the different levels within the the bus itself, LEGO have done a top job here.

From every angel the bus looks good, I don’t think a single stud is showing on the outside, which isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, in terms of a polished end result I like it. It’s red and black colour scheme is kept consistent throughout the build and my favourite, most satisfying, part is the reversed red curves near the backend, the way it slots and rests together is perfect.

The top deck is full of seating, which is good for a tour bus, the amount of tourists it can accommodate is substantial. There is even a space for wheelchairs and pushchairs downstairs and a handy clip to keep them in place.

Another awesome feature is the destination sign and how it rotates, using 4 different printed tiles you can spin it so either Park, Downtown, Museum or Harbour shows. These are all available as sets in some way or form so fits perfectly, especially the new LEGO City Harbour set that was released a few days ago.

A bus isn’t a bus without passengers, below are the 4 Minifigures that are included in the set.


The Minifigures:

LEGO have always done amazing Minifigures, it’s a staple of their brand. Most people love a good Minifigure and I’m no different, I pride myself on my collection of characters. When a set of this size and cost comes along I’m always surprised that LEGO cram in 4 Minifigures, it’s great!

Having such an eclectic mix of characters is awesome too, from the Bus Driver, Tourists and Mum with Baby. As usual the torsos, legs, hair pieces and accessories are what I look at most, if there are any exclusive parts or prints I can use in MOCs and Scenes. I am happy to say that 3 out of the 4 torsos are exclusive to this set!

The hawaiian style shirt the man wears is absolutely stunning, that will definitely come in handy, his flat cap is very appealing too. The Bus driver is rather cool too with his traditional looking waistcoat and drivers hat. The other tourist is dressed for colder weather with her zip-up jacket, her trousers are printed and again is an exclusive part to the set. The mother and baby duo are a great addition to the set and the Pram is a brand new mould and exclusive to this set. Some may moan that yet another new piece has been produced that replaces a better brick-built solution, which is true, but come on, it’s an awesome part.

Overall the set is amazing, sorry if that’s a word I’ve used throughout the review, but that’s the only word that fits. If you have a City, or even if not, get this set now!

For the price (£24.99) it’s very affordable and totally worth it. 384 is decent but the 4 Minifigures more than make up for it. The build of the bus is also great fun and the play features are superb, especially if you have a City, setting up scenes, passengers taking photos and so on.

Thank you for reading this review, we hope you have enjoyed it. For more LEGO and other Brick related news and reviews stay tuned to The Brick Post.


LEGO City Red Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus (60407)



The Box 9.5
The Build 10
The Minifigures 10
The Cost (£24.99) 10

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